Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence

Groten K, Dutilleul C, van Heerden PDR, Vanacker N, Bernard S, Finkemeier I, Dietz K-J, Foyer CH (2006)
FEBS LETTERS 580(5): 1269-1276.

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Groten, K; Dutilleul, C; van Heerden, PDR; Vanacker, N; Bernard, S; Finkemeier, I; Dietz, Karl-JosefUniBi; Foyer, CH
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Redox factors contributing to nodule senescence were studied in pea. The abundance of the nodule cytosolic peroxiredoxin but not the mitochondrial peroxiredoxin protein was modulated by ascorbate. In contrast to redox-active antioxidants such as ascorbate and cytosolic peroxiredoxin that decreased during nodule development, maximal extractable nodule proteinase activity increased progressively as the nodules aged. Cathepsin-like activities were constant throughout development but serine and cysteine proteinase activities increased during senescence. Senescence-induced cysteine proteinase activity was inhibited by cysteine, dithiotreitol, or E-64. Senescence-dependent decreases in redox-active factors, particularly ascorbate and peroxiredoxin favour decreased redox-mediated inactivation of cysteine proteinases. (c) 2006 Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
redox signalling; proteinase; peroxiredoxin; ascorbate; senescence
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Groten K, Dutilleul C, van Heerden PDR, et al. Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence. FEBS LETTERS. 2006;580(5):1269-1276.
Groten, K., Dutilleul, C., van Heerden, P. D. R., Vanacker, N., Bernard, S., Finkemeier, I., Dietz, K. - J., et al. (2006). Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence. FEBS LETTERS, 580(5), 1269-1276.
Groten, K., Dutilleul, C., van Heerden, P. D. R., Vanacker, N., Bernard, S., Finkemeier, I., Dietz, K. - J., and Foyer, C. H. (2006). Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence. FEBS LETTERS 580, 1269-1276.
Groten, K., et al., 2006. Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence. FEBS LETTERS, 580(5), p 1269-1276.
K. Groten, et al., “Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence”, FEBS LETTERS, vol. 580, 2006, pp. 1269-1276.
Groten, K., Dutilleul, C., van Heerden, P.D.R., Vanacker, N., Bernard, S., Finkemeier, I., Dietz, K.-J., Foyer, C.H.: Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence. FEBS LETTERS. 580, 1269-1276 (2006).
Groten, K, Dutilleul, C, van Heerden, PDR, Vanacker, N, Bernard, S, Finkemeier, I, Dietz, Karl-Josef, and Foyer, CH. “Redox regulation of peroxiredoxin and proteinases by ascorbate and thiols during pea root nodule senescence”. FEBS LETTERS 580.5 (2006): 1269-1276.

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