The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility

Stroeher E, Dietz K-J (2008)

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Stroeher, Elke; Dietz, Karl-JosefUniBi
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The dynamics of the thiol-disulphide redox proteome is central to cell function and its regulation. Altered mobility of proteins in the oxidized and reduced state allows the MS-based identification of those thiol-disulphide proteins that undergo major conformational changes. A proteomic approach was taken with thylakoid-bound, luminal and ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco)-less stromal subproteome fractions of the chloroplast from Arabidopsis thaliana. Among the 49 verified polypeptides were 22 novel redox proteins, previously not reported as being part of the redox proteome. Among the redox-affected proteins were PsbA (D1), PsaA1 and PsaF, chloroplast monodehydroascorbate reductase and also the Deg1 protease. Recombinant Deg1 and Deg2 revealed redox dependence of their proteolytic activity. The data provide new insights into the redox network of the chloroplast.
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Stroeher E, Dietz K-J. The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM. 2008;133(3):566-583.
Stroeher, E., & Dietz, K. - J. (2008). The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 133(3), 566-583.
Stroeher, Elke, and Dietz, Karl-Josef. 2008. “The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility”. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 133 (3): 566-583.
Stroeher, E., and Dietz, K. - J. (2008). The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 133, 566-583.
Stroeher, E., & Dietz, K.-J., 2008. The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 133(3), p 566-583.
E. Stroeher and K.-J. Dietz, “The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility”, PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, vol. 133, 2008, pp. 566-583.
Stroeher, E., Dietz, K.-J.: The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM. 133, 566-583 (2008).
Stroeher, Elke, and Dietz, Karl-Josef. “The dynamic thiol-disulphide redox proteome of the Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast as revealed by differential electrophoretic mobility”. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 133.3 (2008): 566-583.

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