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2015 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2724431 PUB | PDF | DOI
2015 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2775947
Rapid image processing and classification in underwater exploration using advanced high performance computing
Schoening T, Langenkämper D, Steinbrink B, Brün D, Nattkemper TW (In Press)
In: Proc. of the IEEE Oceans. Washington DC, USA: IEEE.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2683648
Ranking Color Correction Algorithms using Cluster Indices
Osterloff J, Schoening T, Bergmann M, Durden JM, Ruhl HA, Nattkemper TW (2014)
Presented at the ICPR Workshop on Computer Vision for Analysis of Underwater Imagery, Stockhom.
PUB | DOI | Download (ext.)
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2717407
Seabed Classification Using a Bag-of-Prototypes Feature Representation
Schoening T, Kuhn T, Nattkemper TW (2014)
In: Computer Vision for Analysis of Underwater Imagery (CVAUI), 2014 ICPR Workshop on. 17-24.
2014 | Kurzbeitrag Konferenz | PUB-ID: 2775961
Image-based marine resource exploration and biodiversity assessment with MAMAS (Marine data Asset Management and Analysis System)
Schoening T, Brün D, Kuhn T, Nattkemper TW (2014)
Presented at the UMI (Underwater Mining Institute), Lisbon, Portugal.
2013 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2610134
Ultra-fast segmentation and quantification of poly-metallic nodule coverage in high-resolution digital images
Schoening T, Steinbrink B, Brün D, Kuhn T, Nattkemper TW (In Press)
In: Proceedings of the UMI 2013.
2013 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2610505
Microhabitat and shrimp abundance within a Norwegian cold-water coral ecosystem
Purser A, Ontrup J, Schoening T, Thomsen L, Tong R, Unnithan V, Nattkemper TW (2013)
Biogeosciences 10(9): 5779-5791.

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