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2018 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2917041
Influence of demographic changes on the impact of vaccination against varicella and herpes zoster in Germany - a mathematical modelling study
Horn J, Damm O, Greiner W, Hengel H, Kretzschmar ME, Siedler A, Ultsch B, Weidemann F, Wichmann O, Karch A, Mikolajczyk RT (2018)
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2016 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2906575
Learning in Silicon Beyond STDP: A Neuromorphic Implementation of Multi-Factor Synaptic Plasticity With Calcium-Based Dynamics
Maldonado Huayaney FL, Nease S, Chicca E (2016)
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 63(12): 2189-2199.
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2016 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2905037
Towards a Comprehensive Power Consumption Model for Wireless Sensor Nodes
Hesse M, Adams M, Hörmann T, Rückert U (2016)
In: 2016 IEEE 13th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN). 390-395.
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2015 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2783152
Robust Estimation of Physical Activity by Adaptively Fusing Multiple Parameters
Hörmann T, Christ P, Hesse M, Rückert U (2015)
In: Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN), 2015 IEEE 12th International Conference on. IEEE: 1-6.
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2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2679670
The influence of cell growth and enzyme activity changes on intracellular metabolite dynamics in AGE1.HN.AAT cells
Rath AG, Rehberg M, Janke R, Genzel Y, Scholz S, Noll T, Rose T, Sandig V, Reichl U (2014)
Journal of Biotechnology 178: 43-53.
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2013 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2638489
Batch-to-batch variability of two human designer cell lines-AGE1.HN and AGE1.HN.AAT - carried out by different laboratories under defined culture conditions using a mathematical model
Freund S, Rath A, Barradas OP, Skerhutt EM, Scholz S, Niklas J, Sandig V, Rose T, Heinzle E, Noll T, Poertner R, et al. (2013)
Engineering In Life Sciences 13(6): 580-592.

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