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2012 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2472279
Eikmeyer, Felix Gregor, Hadiati, Atika, Szczepanowski, Rafael, Wibberg, Daniel, Schneiker-Bekel, Susanne, Rogers, Linda M., Brown, Celeste B., Top, Eva M., Pühler, Alfred, and Schlüter, Andreas. “The complete genome sequences of four new IncN plasmids from wastewater treatment plant effluent provide new insights into IncN plasmid diversity and evolution”. Plasmid 68.1 (2012): 13-24.
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2011 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2440575
Luesken, Francisca A., van Alen, Theo A., van der Biezen, Erwin, Frijters, Carla, Toonen, Ger, Kampman, Christel, Hendrickx, Tim L. G., Zeeman, Grietje, Temmink, Hardy, Strous, Marc, den Camp, Huub J. M. Op, and Jetten, Mike S. M. “Diversity and enrichment of nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidizing bacteria from wastewater sludge”. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 92.4 (2011): 845-854.
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2007 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1595920
Bergtold, M., Mayr, G., and Traunspurger, Walter. “Nematodes in wastewater biofilms - Appearance and density of species in three biofilter reactors”. WATER RESEARCH 41.1 (2007): 145-151.
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2000 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1868248
Fried, J., Mayr, G., Berger, H., Traunspurger, Walter, Psenner, R., and Lemmer, H. “Monitoring protozoa and metazoa biofilm communities for assessing wastewater quality impact and reactor up-scaling effects”. Water Science and Technology 41.4-5 (2000): 309-316.

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