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2019 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2936839
Nelkner, Johanna, Tejerizo, Gonzalo Torres, Hassa, Julia, Lin, Timo Wentong, Witte, Julian, Verwaaijen, Bart, Winkler, Anika, Bunk, Boyke, Spröer, Cathrin, Overmann, Jörg, Grosch, Rita, Pühler, Alfred, and Schlüter, Andreas. “Genetic Potential of the Biocontrol Agent Pseudomonas brassicacearum (Formerly P. trivialis) 3Re2-7 Unraveled by Genome Sequencing and Mining, Comparative Genomics and Transcriptomics”. Genes 10.8 (2019): 601.
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2019 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2935698
Pucker, Boas, Holtgräwe, Daniela, Stadermann, Kai Bernd, Frey, Katharina, Huettel, Bruno, Reinhardt, Richard, and Weisshaar, Bernd. “A chromosome-level sequence assembly reveals the structure of the Arabidopsis thaliana Nd-1 genome and its gene set”. PLOS ONE 14.5 (2019): e0216233.
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2019 | Datenpublikation | PUB-ID: 2936848
Dörr, Daniel, and Rubert, Diego. Supplementary Data for "Analysis of local genome rearrangement improves resolution of ancestral genomic maps in plants". Bielefeld University, 2019.
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2018 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2930693
Humble, Emily, Dasmahapatra, Kanchon K., Martinez-Barrio, Alvaro, Gregório, Inês, Forcada, Jaume, Polikeit, Ann-Christin, Goldsworthy, Simon D., Goebel, Michael E., Kalinowski, Jörn, Wolf, Jochen B. W., and Hoffman, Joseph. “RAD Sequencing and a Hybrid Antarctic Fur Seal Genome Assembly Reveal Rapidly Decaying Linkage Disequilibrium, Global Population Structure and Evidence for Inbreeding”. G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics 8.8 (2018): 2709-2722.
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2018 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2920680
Adamek, Martina, Alanjary, Mohammad, Sales-Ortells, Helena, Goodfellow, Michael, Bull, Alan T., Winkler, Anika, Wibberg, Daniel, Kalinowski, Jörn, and Ziemert, Nadine. “Comparative genomics reveals phylogenetic distribution patterns of secondary metabolites in Amycolatopsis species”. BMC GENOMICS 19 (2018): 15.
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2017 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | E-Veröff. vor dem Druck | PUB-ID: 2913916
Yu, Jia, Blom, Jochen, Glaeser, S.P., Jaenicke, S., Juhre, T., Rupp, O., Schwengers, O., Spänig, S., and Goesmann, Alexander. “A review of bioinformatics platforms for comparative genomics. Recent developments of the EDGAR 2.0 platform and its utility for taxonomic and phylogenetic studies”. Journal of Biotechnology 261 (2017): 2-9.
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2017 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2909057
Rubert, Diego, Feijão, Pedro, Dias Vieira Braga, Marília, Stoye, Jens, and Martinez, Fábio Henrique Viduani. “Approximating the DCJ distance of balanced genomes in linear time”. Algorithms for Molecular Biology 12 (2017): 3.
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2017 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2916406
Lasek, Robert, Dziewit, Lukasz, Ciok, Anna, Decewicz, Przemyslaw, Romaniuk, Krzysztof, Jedrys, Zuzanna, Wibberg, Daniel, Schlüter, Andreas, Pühler, Alfred, and Bartosik, Dariusz. “Genome content, metabolic pathways and biotechnological potential of the psychrophilic Arctic bacterium Psychrobacter sp DAB_AL43B, a source and a host of novel Psychrobacter-specific vectors”. Journal of Biotechnology 263 (2017): 64-74.
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2011 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2326445
Schneider, Jessica, Blom, Jochen, Jaenicke, Sebastian, Linke, Burkhard, Brinkrolf, Karina, Neuweger, Heiko, Tauch, Andreas, and Goesmann, Alexander. “RAPYD - Rapid Annotation Platform for Yeast Data”. Journal of Biotechnology 155.1 (2011): 118-126.
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2010 | Kurzbeitrag Konferenz / Poster | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2907492
Bergeron, Anne, Mixtacki, Julia, and Stoye, Jens. “A New Linear Time Algorithm to Compute the Genomic Distance Via the Double Cut and Join Distance”. Structure Discovery in Biology: Motifs, Networks & Phylogenies. Ed. Alberto Apostolico, Andreas Dress, and Laxmi Parida. Dagstuhl, Germany: Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Germany, 2010.Vol. 10231. Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings.
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2010 | Bielefelder E-Dissertation | PUB-ID: 2303705
Jahn, Katharina. Approximate common intervals based gene cluster models. Bielefeld (Germany): Bielefeld University, 2010.
2009 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1589663
Bergeron, Anne, Mixtacki, Julia, and Stoye, Jens. “A New Linear Time Algorithm to Compute the Genomic Distance via the Double Cut and Join Distance”. Theoretical Computer Science 410.51 (2009): 5300-5316.
2009 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1591507
Stoye, Jens, and Wittler, Roland. “A Unified Approach for Reconstructing Ancient Gene Clusters”. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 6.3 (2009): 387-400.
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2009 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1589932
Kohl, Thomas, and Tauch, Andreas. “The GlxR regulon of the amino acid producer Corynebacterium glutamicum: Detection of the corynebacterial core regulon and integration into the transcriptional regulatory network model”. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 143.4 (2009): 239-246.
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2008 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1592024
Vorhölter, Frank-Jörg, Schneiker-Bekel, Susanne, Goesmann, Alexander, Krause, Lutz, Bekel, Thomas, Kaiser, Olaf, Linke, Burkhard, Patschkowski, Thomas, Rückert, Christian, Schmid, Joachim, Sidhu, Vishaldeep Kaur, Sieber, Volker, Tauch, Andreas, Watt, Steven Alexander, Weisshaar, Bernd, Becker, Anke, Niehaus, Karsten, and Pühler, Alfred. “The genome of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris B 100 and its use for the reconstruction of metabolic pathways involved in xanthan biosynthesis”. Journal of Biotechnology 134.1-2 (2008): 33-45.
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2008 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1592257
Schoen, Christoph, Blom, Jochen, Claus, Heike, Schramm-Glueck, Anja, Brandt, Petra, Mueller, Tobias, Goesmann, Alexander, Joseph, Biju, Konietzny, Sebastian, Kurzai, Oliver, Schmitt, Corinna, Friedrich, Torben, Linke, Burkhard, Vogel, Ulrich, and Frosch, Matthias. “Whole-genome comparison of disease and carriage strains provides insights into virulence evolution in Neisseria meningitidis”. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 105.9 (2008): 3473-3478.
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2007 | Bielefelder E-Dissertation | PUB-ID: 2305575
Beckstette, Michael. Index-based algorithms for motif search and their integration in a system for differential genome analysis. Bielefeld (Germany): Bielefeld University, 2007.
2006 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1599574
Bergeron, Anne, Mixtacki, Julia, and Stoye, Jens. “On sorting by translocations”. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 13.2 (2006): 567-578.
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2003 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 1609306
Vorhölter, Frank-Jörg, Thias, T., Meyer, F., Bekel, T., Kaiser, O., Pühler, Alfred, and Niehaus, Karsten. “Comparison of two Xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris genomes revealed differences in their gene composition”. Journal of Biotechnology 106.2-3 (2003): 193-202.
PUB | DOI | WoS | PubMed | Europe PMC
2003 | Report | PUB-ID: 1970477
Bergeron, Anne, and Stoye, Jens. On the Similarity of Sets of Permutations and its Applications to Genome Comparison. Bielefeld: Technische Fakultät der Universität Bielefeld, 2003. Forschungsberichte.

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