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2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2737407
Hierarchical Scene Segmentation and Classification
Ückermann A, Elbrechter C, Haschke R, Ritter H (2014)
Presented at the Robots in Clutter Workshop at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014), Chicago, USA.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2563576
A Detailed Analysis of a New 3D Spatial Feature Vector for Indoor Scene Classification
Swadzba A, Wachsmuth S (2014)
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 62(5): 646-662.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2690273
Architectures and standards for IVAs at the Social Cognitive Systems Group
van Welbergen H, Bergmann K, Buschmeier H, Kahl S, de Kok I, Sadeghipour A, Yaghoubzadeh R, Kopp S (2014)
In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Architectures and Standards for Intelligent Virtual Agents at IVA 2014. Boston, MA, USA: 8-11.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2685301
4th International Workshop on Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Eye-Based Interaction
Pfeiffer T, Stellmach S, Sugano Y (2014)
In: UbiComp'14 Adjunct: The 2014 ACM Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Adjunct Publication. Seattle, WA, USA: 1085-1092.
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2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2637332
An architecture for fluid real-time conversational agents: Integrating incremental output generation and input processing
Kopp S, van Welbergen H, Yaghoubzadeh R, Buschmeier H (2014)
Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces 8: 97-108.
2014 | Lexikoneintrag | PUB-ID: 2642196
Body movements in robotics
Wachsmuth I, Salem M (2014)
In: Body – Language – Communication: An International Handbook on Multimodality in Human Interaction, Volume 2. Müller C, Cienki A, Fricke E, Ladewig S, McNeill D, Bressem J (Eds); Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science (HSK), 38/2. Berlin: De Gruyter: 1943-1948.
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2014 | Kurzbeitrag Konferenz | PUB-ID: 2643404
The Receptionist Robot
Holthaus P, Wachsmuth S (2014)
Presented at the International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, Bielefeld.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2614255
Gesture and Speech in Interaction: An Overview
Wagner P, Malisz Z, Kopp S (2014)
Speech Communication 57(Special Iss.): 209-232.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2614315
A computational model for the item-based induction of construction networks
Gaspers J, Cimiano P (2014)
Cognitive Science 38(3): 439-488.
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2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2700302
Automated Door Detection with a 3D-Sensor
Meyer zu Borgsen S, Schöpfer M, Ziegler L, Wachsmuth S (2014)
In: Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), 2014 Canadian Conference on. IEEE: 276-282.
2014 | Sammelwerksbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2699410
Gestures, postures, gaze and movements in computer science: embodied agents
Kopp S (2014)
In: Body - Language - Communication: An international handbook on multimodality in human interaction. Müller C, Cienki A, Fricke E, Ladewig S, McNeill D, Bressem J (Eds); .
2014 | Monographie | PUB-ID: 2702713
커뮤니케이션 : 인간, 동물, 인공지능
Wachsmuth I (2014)
Seoul, Korea: Seoul National University Press.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2550320
Deploying a modeling framework for reusable robot behavior to enable informed strategies for domestic service robots
Siepmann F, Ziegler L, Kortkamp M, Wachsmuth S (2014)
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 62(5): 619-631.
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2014 | Kurzbeitrag Konferenz | PUB-ID: 2685282
Speech-Gesture-Interface Constructions for Gestures Accompanying German Verb Phrases
Hahn F, Lawler I, Rieser H (2014)
Presented at the 6th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS 2014), University of California, San Diego.
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2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2682098
Efficient analysis of gaze-behavior in 3D environments
Pfeiffer T, Renner P, Pfeiffer-Leßmann N (2014)
Cognitive Processing 15(Suppl. 1): S127-S129.
2014 | Sammelwerksbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2679177
Spatial references with gaze and pointing in shared space of humans and robots
Renner P, Pfeiffer T, Wachsmuth I (2014)
In: Spatial Cognition IX. Freksa C, Nebel B, Hegarty M, Barkowsky T (Eds); Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8684. Berlin [u.a.]: Springer: 121-136.
2014 | Kurzbeitrag Konferenz | PUB-ID: 2696334
Lexical (Mis)alignment: Automatic or Strategic Behavior?
Foltz A, Gaspers J, Thiele K, Cimiano P, Stenneken P (2014)
Presented at the Annual Conference on Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | PUB-ID: 2700040
How is information distributed across speech and gesture? A cognitive modeling approach
Bergmann K, Kahl S, Kopp S (2014)
Cognitive Processing 15(1: Special Issue: Proceedings of KogWis 2014): S84-S87.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2693391
The impact of frequency distributions in a perceptual grouping oscillator network
Meier M, Haschke R, Ritter H (2014)
Presented at the New Challenges in Neural Computation @ GCPR, Muenster.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | PUB-ID: 2665063
EmoGest: Investigating the Impact of Emotions on Spontaneous Co-speech Gestures
Bergmann K, Böck R, Jaecks P (2014)
In: Multimodal Corpora: Combining applied and basic research targets. Edlund J, Paggio P, Heylen D (Eds); .

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