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2015 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2787049 OA
Schneider, Sebastian, Goerlich, Michael, and Kummert, Franz. “Reusable Motivational Instruction Patterns for Socially Assistive Robots”. Workshop Towards Intelligent Social Robots – Current Advances in Cognitive Robotics., 2015.
2015 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2786071
Casapietra, Edoardo, Weisswange, Thomas H., Goerick, Christian, Kummert, Franz, and Fritsch, Jannik. “Building a probabilistic grid-based road representation from direct and indirect visual cues.”. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium. 2015. 273-279.
2015 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2787132 OA
Schillingmann, Lars, Burling, Joseph M., Yoshida, Hanako, and Nagai, Yukie. “Gaze is not Enough: Computational Analysis of Infant’s Head Movement Measures the Developing Response to Social Interaction”. Presented at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 2015.
2015 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2780073
Yaghoubzadeh, Ramin, Pitsch, Karola, and Kopp, Stefan. “Adaptive Grounding and Dialogue Management for Autonomous Conversational Assistants for Elderly Users”. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents. Ed. Willem-Paul Brinkman, Joost Broekens, and Dirk Heylen. Springer, 2015.Vol. 9238. LNCS (LNAI). 28-38.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2563576 OA
Swadzba, Agnes, and Wachsmuth, Sven. “A Detailed Analysis of a New 3D Spatial Feature Vector for Indoor Scene Classification”. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 62.5 (2014): 646-662.
2014 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2656289 OA
Vollmer, Anna-Lisa, Mühlig, Manuel, Steil, Jochen J., Pitsch, Karola, Fritsch, Jannik, Rohlfing, Katharina, and Wrede, Britta. “Robots show us how to teach them: Feedback from robots shapes tutoring behavior during action learning”. PLoS ONE 9.3 (2014): e91349: e91349.
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2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2900893 OA
Ziegler, Leon, Wittrowski, Jens, Meyer zu Borgsen, Sebastian, and Wachsmuth, Sven. “ToBI - Team of Bielefeld: The Human-Robot Interaction System for RoboCup@Home 2014”. Presented at the RoboCup 2014, João Pessoa, Brasil, 2014.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2906917 OA
Carlmeyer, Birte, Schlangen, David, and Wrede, Britta. “Towards Closed Feedback Loops in HRI”. Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on Multimodal, Multi-Party, Real-World Human-Robot Interaction - MMRWHRI '14. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2014.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2909275
Kuhnl, Tobias, and Fritsch, Jannik. “Visio-spatial road boundary detection for unmarked urban and rural roads”. 2014 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium Proceedings. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014.
2014 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2700264 OA
Philippsen, Anja, Reinhart, Felix, and Wrede, Britta. “Learning How to Speak: Imitation-Based Refinement of Syllable Production in an Articulatory-Acoustic Model”. Presented at the Forth Joint IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob), Genoa, Italy, 2014.

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