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2012 | Kurzbeitrag Konferenz / Poster | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2550319
Ziegler, L., Johannsen, K., Swadzba, A., de Ruiter, J., & Wachsmuth, S. (2012). Exploiting spatial description for visual scene analysis (Poster). Presented at the 5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Rome.
2012 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2550587
Wachsmuth, S., Schulz, S., Lier, F., & Lütkebohle, I. (2012). The Robot Head "Flobi": A Research Platform for Cognitive Interaction Technology. Presented at the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrücken
2012 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2604358
Thomae, M., Zeitlyn, D., Griffiths, S., & van Vugt, M. (2012). Intergroup contact and rice allocation via a modified dictator game in rural Cameroon. Field Methods, 25(1), 74-90. doi:10.1177/1525822X12466981
2012 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2604372
Lohan, K. S., Rohlfing, K., Pitsch, K., Saunders, J., Lehmann, H., Nehaniv, C. L., Fischer, K., et al. (2012). Tutor spotter: Proposing a feature set and evaluating it in a robotic system. International Journal of Social Robotics, 4(2), 131-146. doi:10.1007/s12369-011-0125-8
2012 | Zeitungsartikel | PUB-ID: 2604512
Emmerich, C., & Swadzba, A. (01.01.2012). Man and machine go hand in hand - FlexIRob@HARTING. tec.News: HARTING’s Technology Newsletter
2012 | Sammelwerksbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2910549
Brüning, B. - A., Schnier, C., Pitsch, K., & Wachsmuth, S. (2012). Integrating PAMOCAT in the research cycle: linking motion capturing and conversation analysis. In L. - P. Morency (Ed.), Proceedings of 2012 ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (pp. 201-208). New York, NY: ACM.
2012 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2909268
Kuhnl, T., Kummert, F., & Fritsch, J. (2012). Spatial ray features for real-time ego-lane extraction. 2012 15th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.1109/itsc.2012.6338740
2012 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2423452
Peters, C., Hermann, T., & Wachsmuth, S. (2012). User Behavior Recognition For An Automatic Prompting System - A Structured Approach based on Task Analysis. Proceedings of the 1st Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM), 2, 162-171. SciTePress. doi:10.5220/0003773601620171
2012 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2617262
Griffiths, S., Nolfi, S., Morlino, G., Schillingmann, L., Kühnel, S., Rohlfing, K., & Wrede, B. (2012). Bottom-Up Learning of Feedback in a Categorization Task. ICDL-EpiRob 2012 San Diego, CA.
2012 | Konferenzbeitrag | Veröffentlicht | PUB-ID: 2617293 OA
Berger, I., Kipp, A., Lütkebohle, I., Riether, N., Schneider, S., Süssenbach, L., & Kummert, F. (2012). Social Robots for Long-Term Space Missions. 63rd International Astronautical Congress Naples, Italy: International Astronautical Federation.

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