Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans.

Park H, Kayser C (2019)
eLife 8: 47001.

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Perception adapts to mismatching multisensory information, both when different cues appear simultaneously and when they appear sequentially. While both multisensory integration and adaptive trial-by-trial recalibration are central for behavior, it remains unknown whether they are mechanistically linked and arise from a common neural substrate. To relate the neural underpinnings of sensory integration and recalibration, we measured whole-brain magnetoencephalography while human participants performed an audio-visual ventriloquist task. Using single-trial multivariate analysis, we localized the perceptually-relevant encoding of multisensory information within and between trials. While we found neural signatures of multisensory integration within temporal and parietal regions, only medial superior parietal activity encoded past and current sensory information and mediated the perceptual recalibration within and between trials. These results highlight a common neural substrate of sensory integration and perceptual recalibration, and reveal a role of medial parietal regions in linking present and previous multisensory evidence to guide adaptive behavior. © 2019, Park & Kayser.
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Park H, Kayser C. Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans. eLife. 2019;8: 47001.
Park, H., & Kayser, C. (2019). Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans. eLife, 8, 47001. doi:10.7554/eLife.47001
Park, Hame, and Kayser, Christoph. 2019. “Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans.”. eLife 8: 47001.
Park, H., and Kayser, C. (2019). Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans. eLife 8:47001.
Park, H., & Kayser, C., 2019. Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans. eLife, 8: 47001.
H. Park and C. Kayser, “Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans.”, eLife, vol. 8, 2019, : 47001.
Park, H., Kayser, C.: Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans. eLife. 8, : 47001 (2019).
Park, Hame, and Kayser, Christoph. “Shared neural underpinnings of multisensory integration and trial-by-trial perceptual recalibration in humans.”. eLife 8 (2019): 47001.

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