A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells

Kaltschmidt C, Banz-Jansen C, Benhidjeb T, Beshay M, Förster C, Greiner J, Hamelmann E, Jorch N, Mertzlufft F, Pfitzenmaier J, Simon M, et al. (2019)
Cancers 11(5): 655.

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Kaltschmidt, ChristianUniBi; Banz-Jansen, Constanze; Benhidjeb, TaharUniBi; Beshay, Morris; Förster, Christine; Greiner, JohannesUniBi ; Hamelmann, EckardUniBi; Jorch, NorbertUniBi; Mertzlufft, Fritz; Pfitzenmaier, Jesco; Simon, Matthias; Schulte am Esch, JanUniBi
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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) account for tumor initiation, invasiveness, metastasis, and recurrence in a broad range of human cancers. Although being a key player in cancer development and progression by stimulating proliferation and metastasis and preventing apoptosis, the role of the transcription factor NF-κB in cancer stem cells is still underestimated. In the present review, we will evaluate the role of NF-κB in CSCs of glioblastoma multiforme, ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, as well as cancer of the bone. Next to summarizing current knowledge regarding the presence and contribution of CSCs to the respective types of cancer, we will emphasize NF-κB-mediated signaling pathways directly involved in maintaining characteristics of cancer stem cells associated to tumor progression. Here, we will also focus on the status of NF-κB-activity predominantly in CSC populations and the tumor mass. Genetic alterations leading to NF-κB activity in glioblastoma, ependymoma, and multiple myeloma will be discussed.
cancer stem cells; NF-κB; glioblastoma multiforme; pediatric cancer; ovarian cancer; multiple myeloma; lung cancer; colon cancer; prostate cancer; bone cancer
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Kaltschmidt C, Banz-Jansen C, Benhidjeb T, et al. A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells. Cancers. 2019;11(5): 655.
Kaltschmidt, C., Banz-Jansen, C., Benhidjeb, T., Beshay, M., Förster, C., Greiner, J., Hamelmann, E., et al. (2019). A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells. Cancers, 11(5), 655. https://doi.org/10.3390/cancers11050655
Kaltschmidt, Christian, Banz-Jansen, Constanze, Benhidjeb, Tahar, Beshay, Morris, Förster, Christine, Greiner, Johannes, Hamelmann, Eckard, et al. 2019. “A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells”. Cancers 11 (5): 655.
Kaltschmidt, C., Banz-Jansen, C., Benhidjeb, T., Beshay, M., Förster, C., Greiner, J., Hamelmann, E., Jorch, N., Mertzlufft, F., Pfitzenmaier, J., et al. (2019). A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells. Cancers 11:655.
Kaltschmidt, C., et al., 2019. A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells. Cancers, 11(5): 655.
C. Kaltschmidt, et al., “A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells”, Cancers, vol. 11, 2019, : 655.
Kaltschmidt, C., Banz-Jansen, C., Benhidjeb, T., Beshay, M., Förster, C., Greiner, J., Hamelmann, E., Jorch, N., Mertzlufft, F., Pfitzenmaier, J., Simon, M., Schulte am Esch, J., Vordemvenne, T., Wähnert, D., Weissinger, F., Wilkens, L., Kaltschmidt, B.: A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells. Cancers. 11, : 655 (2019).
Kaltschmidt, Christian, Banz-Jansen, Constanze, Benhidjeb, Tahar, Beshay, Morris, Förster, Christine, Greiner, Johannes, Hamelmann, Eckard, Jorch, Norbert, Mertzlufft, Fritz, Pfitzenmaier, Jesco, Simon, Matthias, Schulte am Esch, Jan, Vordemvenne, Thomas, Wähnert, Dirk, Weissinger, Florian, Wilkens, Ludwig, and Kaltschmidt, Barbara. “A Role for NF-κB in Organ Specific Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells”. Cancers 11.5 (2019): 655.
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