Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants.

Heyer R, Schallert K, Siewert C, Kohrs F, Greve J, Maus I, Klang J, Klocke M, Heiermann M, Hoffmann M, Puttker S, et al. (2019)
Microbiome 7(1): 69.

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Heyer, R; Schallert, K; Siewert, C; Kohrs, F; Greve, J; Maus, IrenaUniBi; Klang, J; Klocke, M; Heiermann, M; Hoffmann, M; Puttker, S; Calusinska, M
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BACKGROUND: In biogas plants, complex microbial communities produce methane and carbon dioxide by anaerobic digestion of biomass. For the characterization of the microbial functional networks, samples of 11 reactors were analyzed using a high-resolution metaproteomics pipeline.; RESULTS: Examined methanogenesis archaeal communities were either mixotrophic or strictly hydrogenotrophic in syntrophy with bacterial acetate oxidizers. Mapping of identified metaproteins with process steps described by the Anaerobic Digestion Model 1 confirmed its main assumptions and also proposed some extensions such as syntrophic acetate oxidation or fermentation of alcohols. Results indicate that the microbial communities were shaped by syntrophy as well as competition and phage-host interactions causing cell lysis. For the families Bacillaceae, Enterobacteriaceae, and Clostridiaceae, the number of phages exceeded up to 20-fold the number of host cells.; CONCLUSION: Phage-induced cell lysis might slow down the conversion of substrates to biogas, though, it could support the growth of auxotrophic microbes by cycling of nutrients.
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Heyer R, Schallert K, Siewert C, et al. Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants. Microbiome. 2019;7(1): 69.
Heyer, R., Schallert, K., Siewert, C., Kohrs, F., Greve, J., Maus, I., Klang, J., et al. (2019). Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants. Microbiome, 7(1), 69. doi:10.1186/s40168-019-0673-y
Heyer, R., Schallert, K., Siewert, C., Kohrs, F., Greve, J., Maus, I., Klang, J., Klocke, M., Heiermann, M., Hoffmann, M., et al. (2019). Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants. Microbiome 7:69.
Heyer, R., et al., 2019. Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants. Microbiome, 7(1): 69.
R. Heyer, et al., “Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants.”, Microbiome, vol. 7, 2019, : 69.
Heyer, R., Schallert, K., Siewert, C., Kohrs, F., Greve, J., Maus, I., Klang, J., Klocke, M., Heiermann, M., Hoffmann, M., Puttker, S., Calusinska, M., Zoun, R., Saake, G., Benndorf, D., Reichl, U.: Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants. Microbiome. 7, : 69 (2019).
Heyer, R, Schallert, K, Siewert, C, Kohrs, F, Greve, J, Maus, Irena, Klang, J, Klocke, M, Heiermann, M, Hoffmann, M, Puttker, S, Calusinska, M, Zoun, R, Saake, G, Benndorf, D, and Reichl, U. “Metaproteome analysis reveals that syntrophy, competition, and phage-host interaction shape microbial communities in biogas plants.”. Microbiome 7.1 (2019): 69.

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