Interactive Sonification

Hunt A, Hermann T (2011)
In: The Sonification Handbook. Hermann T, Hunt A, Neuhoff JG (Eds); Berlin: Logos Verlag: 273-298.

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Hunt, Andy; Hermann, ThomasUniBi
Hermann, Thomas; Hunt, Andy; Neuhoff, John G.
Abstract / Bemerkung
This chapter places a special focus on those situations where there is a tight control loop (a real-time interactive collaboration) between the human user and the system producing the sonification. It explains the background (why humans appear to use interactive sonification as a natural tool for exploring the world) as well as describing the different methods and application domains.
The Sonification Handbook
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Hunt A, Hermann T. Interactive Sonification. In: Hermann T, Hunt A, Neuhoff JG, eds. The Sonification Handbook. Berlin: Logos Verlag; 2011: 273-298.
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