Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization

Kaufmann S, Fuchs C, Gonik M, Khrameeva EE, Mironov AA, Frishman D (2015)
PLOS ONE 10(5): e0126125.

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Kaufmann, Stefanie; Fuchs, ChristianeUniBi ; Gonik, Mariya; Khrameeva, Ekaterina E.; Mironov, Andrey A.; Frishman, Dmitrij
Abstract / Bemerkung
The recent advent of conformation capture techniques has provided unprecedented insights into the spatial organization of chromatin. We present a large-scale investigation of the inter-chromosomal segment and gene contact networks in embryonic stem cells of two mammalian organisms: humans and mice. Both interaction networks are characterized by a high degree of clustering of genome regions and the existence of hubs. Both genomes exhibit similar structural characteristics such as increased flexibility of certain Y chromosome regions and co-localization of centromere-proximal regions. Spatial proximity is correlated with the functional similarity of genes in both species. We also found a significant association between spatial proximity and the co-expression of genes in the human genome. The structural properties of chromatin are also species specific, including the presence of two highly interactive regions in mouse chromatin and an increased contact density on short, gene-rich human chromosomes, thereby indicating their central nuclear position. Trans-interacting segments are enriched in active marks in human and had no distinct feature profile in mouse. Thus, in contrast to interactions within individual chromosomes, the inter-chromosomal interactions in human and mouse embryonic stem cells do not appear to be conserved.
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Kaufmann S, Fuchs C, Gonik M, Khrameeva EE, Mironov AA, Frishman D. Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization. PLOS ONE. 2015;10(5): e0126125.
Kaufmann, S., Fuchs, C., Gonik, M., Khrameeva, E. E., Mironov, A. A., & Frishman, D. (2015). Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization. PLOS ONE, 10(5), e0126125. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0126125
Kaufmann, S., Fuchs, C., Gonik, M., Khrameeva, E. E., Mironov, A. A., and Frishman, D. (2015). Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization. PLOS ONE 10:e0126125.
Kaufmann, S., et al., 2015. Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization. PLOS ONE, 10(5): e0126125.
S. Kaufmann, et al., “Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization”, PLOS ONE, vol. 10, 2015, : e0126125.
Kaufmann, S., Fuchs, C., Gonik, M., Khrameeva, E.E., Mironov, A.A., Frishman, D.: Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization. PLOS ONE. 10, : e0126125 (2015).
Kaufmann, Stefanie, Fuchs, Christiane, Gonik, Mariya, Khrameeva, Ekaterina E., Mironov, Andrey A., and Frishman, Dmitrij. “Inter-Chromosomal Contact Networks Provide Insights into Mammalian Chromatin Organization”. PLOS ONE 10.5 (2015): e0126125.

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