More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens

Dudde A, Krause ET, Matthews LR, Schrader L (2018)
Frontiers in Psychology 9: 2000.

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Dudde, Anissa; Krause, E. Tobias; Matthews, Lindsay R.; Schrader, Lars
Frontiers in Psychology
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Dudde A, Krause ET, Matthews LR, Schrader L. More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens. Frontiers in Psychology. 2018;9: 2000.
Dudde, A., Krause, E. T., Matthews, L. R., & Schrader, L. (2018). More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 2000. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.02000
Dudde, A., Krause, E. T., Matthews, L. R., and Schrader, L. (2018). More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens. Frontiers in Psychology 9:2000.
Dudde, A., et al., 2018. More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens. Frontiers in Psychology, 9: 2000.
A. Dudde, et al., “More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens”, Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 9, 2018, : 2000.
Dudde, A., Krause, E.T., Matthews, L.R., Schrader, L.: More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens. Frontiers in Psychology. 9, : 2000 (2018).
Dudde, Anissa, Krause, E. Tobias, Matthews, Lindsay R., and Schrader, Lars. “More Than Eggs – Relationship Between Productivity and Learning in Laying Hens”. Frontiers in Psychology 9 (2018): 2000.

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The Effects of Selection for Egg Yield on the Behaviour of Laying Hens
Dudde A (2019)
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