Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story

Obed A, Bashir A, Stern S, Jarrad A (2018)

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Obed, Aiman; Bashir, Abdalla; Stern, SteffenUniBi; Jarrad, Anwar
Abstract / Bemerkung
Severe acute alcoholic liver disease (SAAH) unresponsive to medical therapy shows one-year-mortality rates of up to 90%. Most transplant centers request six months of alcohol abstinence prior to transplantation, the so-called "6-month rule." This regulation is not based on strong evidence, repeatedly making it a topic of controversial debates. The majority of patients with SAAH will die before fulfilling the 6-month rule. Therefore, liver transplantation (LT) protocols are becoming more flexible towards the rigid abstinence regulation, especially concerning SAAH patients. We conducted a literature review regarding LT in SAAH and its outcomes, including post-transplant mortality and recidivism. We studied available data on PubMed from 2011 and onwards whilst including articles dealing with genetic components, medical therapy and historic snapshots of alcoholism. Emerging studies recommend LT in SAAH not responding to medical therapies even without realizing the required abstinence period, since the majority of these patients would die within 6 months. SAAH without response to medical therapy has one-year-mortality rates of up to 90%. The 6-month rule is not based on strong evidence and is repeatedly a topic of controversial debates. There is genetic linkage to alcoholism and medical therapy is not as effective as estimated, yet. The 6-months-regulation has not shown to evidently decrease the risk of recidivism post-LT, which is a lifesaving treatment in SAAH patients. Insisting on rigid sobriety rules results in excluding patients with a low risk of recidivism from being transplanted. Moreover, the genetic linkage of alcoholism must be recognized.
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Obed A, Bashir A, Stern S, Jarrad A. Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY. 2018;24(4):358-366.
Obed, A., Bashir, A., Stern, S., & Jarrad, A. (2018). Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY, 24(4), 358-366. doi:10.3350/cmh.2018.0044
Obed, Aiman, Bashir, Abdalla, Stern, Steffen, and Jarrad, Anwar. 2018. “Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story”. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY 24 (4): 358-366.
Obed, A., Bashir, A., Stern, S., and Jarrad, A. (2018). Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY 24, 358-366.
Obed, A., et al., 2018. Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY, 24(4), p 358-366.
A. Obed, et al., “Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story”, CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY, vol. 24, 2018, pp. 358-366.
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Obed, Aiman, Bashir, Abdalla, Stern, Steffen, and Jarrad, Anwar. “Severe acute alcoholic hepatitis and liver transplant: A never-ending mournful story”. CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY 24.4 (2018): 358-366.

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