Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan

McNair SW, Kayser S, Kayser C (2018)
NeuroImage 186: 22-32.

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McNair SW, Kayser S, Kayser C. Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan. NeuroImage. 2018;186:22-32.
McNair, S. W., Kayser, S., & Kayser, C. (2018). Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan. NeuroImage, 186, 22-32. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2018.10.085
McNair, Steven Wallace, Kayser, Stephanie, and Kayser, Christoph. 2018. “Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan”. NeuroImage 186: 22-32.
McNair, S. W., Kayser, S., and Kayser, C. (2018). Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan. NeuroImage 186, 22-32.
McNair, S.W., Kayser, S., & Kayser, C., 2018. Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan. NeuroImage, 186, p 22-32.
S.W. McNair, S. Kayser, and C. Kayser, “Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan”, NeuroImage, vol. 186, 2018, pp. 22-32.
McNair, S.W., Kayser, S., Kayser, C.: Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan. NeuroImage. 186, 22-32 (2018).
McNair, Steven Wallace, Kayser, Stephanie, and Kayser, Christoph. “Consistent pre-stimulus influences on auditory perception across the lifespan”. NeuroImage 186 (2018): 22-32.
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Evidence for the Rhythmic Perceptual Sampling of Auditory Scenes.
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