Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat

Stallmann J, Schweiger R, Müller C (2018)
Plant Biology 20(6): 1005-1013.

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In the course of climate change, crop plants are exposed to both altered precipitation volumes and frequencies in many cultivation areas. Reduced water availability and longer periods without precipitation can lead to changes in plant physiology and productivity. In this greenhouse study, we investigated physiological responses, including maximum quantum yield of photosystem II (Fv /Fm ) and water use efficiency (WUE) as well as diverse productivity-related parameters, including grain yield per plant, to continuous (irrigated three times a week) versus pulsed (once a week) irrigation in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). In both drought regimes, plants were exposed to four different irrigation volumes. Fv /Fm was not influenced by irrigation treatment but was significantly higher after 6 weeks of drought than after 2 weeks. WUE increased with decreasing irrigation volume and based on generative biomass; it was higher in continuously-watered compared to pulsed-watered plants that received a similar amount of water over the experiment. Infrequent irrigation led to a reduction in grain yield of up to 51%. This lower productivity was primarily caused by fewer tillers in pulsed-watered plants. Additionally, at low water volume the thousand grain weight (TGW) was lower in infrequently-compared to frequently-watered plants. In contrast, the number of grains per ear was higher in pulsed-watered plants. In conclusion, reduced irrigation frequency, next to a decrease in irrigation volume, negatively affects WUE and grain yield of spring wheat. These results might have important implications for irrigation scheduling and breeding programmes under a changing climate.
Triticum aestivum; climate change; drought stress; maximum quantum yield; water use efficiency
Plant Biology
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Stallmann J, Schweiger R, Müller C. Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat. Plant Biology. 2018;20(6):1005-1013.
Stallmann, J., Schweiger, R., & Müller, C. (2018). Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat. Plant Biology, 20(6), 1005-1013. doi:10.1111/plb.12883
Stallmann, Jana, Schweiger, Rabea, and Müller, Caroline. 2018. “Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat”. Plant Biology 20 (6): 1005-1013.
Stallmann, J., Schweiger, R., and Müller, C. (2018). Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat. Plant Biology 20, 1005-1013.
Stallmann, J., Schweiger, R., & Müller, C., 2018. Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat. Plant Biology, 20(6), p 1005-1013.
J. Stallmann, R. Schweiger, and C. Müller, “Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat”, Plant Biology, vol. 20, 2018, pp. 1005-1013.
Stallmann, J., Schweiger, R., Müller, C.: Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat. Plant Biology. 20, 1005-1013 (2018).
Stallmann, Jana, Schweiger, Rabea, and Müller, Caroline. “Effects of continuous versus pulsed drought stress on physiology and growth of wheat”. Plant Biology 20.6 (2018): 1005-1013.

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