A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases

Kleczkowski LA, Geisler M, Fitzek E, Wilczynska M (2011)
Biochemical Journal 439(3): 375-381.

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Kleczkowski, Leszek A.; Geisler, Matt; Fitzek, ElisabethUniBi; Wilczynska, Malgorzata
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Plant pyrophosphorylases that are capable of producing UDP-sugars, key precursors for glycosylation reactions, include UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylases (A- and B-type), UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase and UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase. Although not sharing significant homology at the amino acid sequence level, the proteins share a common structural blueprint. Their structures are characterized by the presence of the Rossmann fold in the central (catalytic) domain linked to enzyme-specific N-terminal and C-terminal domains, which may play regulatory functions. Molecular mobility between these domains plays an important role in substrate binding and catalysis. Evolutionary relationships and the role of (de)oligomerization as a regulatory mechanism are discussed.
oligomerization; protein structure; sugar activation; UDP-sugar synthesis
Biochemical Journal
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Kleczkowski LA, Geisler M, Fitzek E, Wilczynska M. A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases. Biochemical Journal. 2011;439(3):375-381.
Kleczkowski, L. A., Geisler, M., Fitzek, E., & Wilczynska, M. (2011). A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases. Biochemical Journal, 439(3), 375-381. doi:10.1042/bj20110730
Kleczkowski, Leszek A., Geisler, Matt, Fitzek, Elisabeth, and Wilczynska, Malgorzata. 2011. “A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases”. Biochemical Journal 439 (3): 375-381.
Kleczkowski, L. A., Geisler, M., Fitzek, E., and Wilczynska, M. (2011). A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases. Biochemical Journal 439, 375-381.
Kleczkowski, L.A., et al., 2011. A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases. Biochemical Journal, 439(3), p 375-381.
L.A. Kleczkowski, et al., “A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases”, Biochemical Journal, vol. 439, 2011, pp. 375-381.
Kleczkowski, L.A., Geisler, M., Fitzek, E., Wilczynska, M.: A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases. Biochemical Journal. 439, 375-381 (2011).
Kleczkowski, Leszek A., Geisler, Matt, Fitzek, Elisabeth, and Wilczynska, Malgorzata. “A common structural blueprint for plant UDP-sugar-producing pyrophosphorylases”. Biochemical Journal 439.3 (2011): 375-381.
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