Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10

Joardar A, Jana S, Fitzek E, Gurha P, Majumder M, Chatterjee K, Geisler M, Gupta R (2013)
RNA 19(9): 1279-1294.

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Joardar, Archi; Jana, Sujata; Fitzek, ElisabethUniBi; Gurha, Priyatansh; Majumder, Mrinmoyee; Chatterjee, Kunal; Geisler, Matt; Gupta, Ramesh
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Joardar A, Jana S, Fitzek E, et al. Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10. RNA. 2013;19(9):1279-1294.
Joardar, A., Jana, S., Fitzek, E., Gurha, P., Majumder, M., Chatterjee, K., Geisler, M., et al. (2013). Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10. RNA, 19(9), 1279-1294. doi:10.1261/rna.039230.113
Joardar, A., Jana, S., Fitzek, E., Gurha, P., Majumder, M., Chatterjee, K., Geisler, M., and Gupta, R. (2013). Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10. RNA 19, 1279-1294.
Joardar, A., et al., 2013. Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10. RNA, 19(9), p 1279-1294.
A. Joardar, et al., “Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10”, RNA, vol. 19, 2013, pp. 1279-1294.
Joardar, A., Jana, S., Fitzek, E., Gurha, P., Majumder, M., Chatterjee, K., Geisler, M., Gupta, R.: Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10. RNA. 19, 1279-1294 (2013).
Joardar, Archi, Jana, Sujata, Fitzek, Elisabeth, Gurha, Priyatansh, Majumder, Mrinmoyee, Chatterjee, Kunal, Geisler, Matt, and Gupta, Ramesh. “Role of forefinger and thumb loops in production of  54 and  55 in tRNAs by archaeal Pus10”. RNA 19.9 (2013): 1279-1294.
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