Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10

Fitzek E, Joardar A, Gupta R, Geisler M (2018)
Journal of Molecular Evolution 86(1): 77-89.

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Fitzek, ElisabethUniBi; Joardar, Archi; Gupta, Ramesh; Geisler, Matt
Journal of Molecular Evolution
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Fitzek E, Joardar A, Gupta R, Geisler M. Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10. Journal of Molecular Evolution. 2018;86(1):77-89.
Fitzek, E., Joardar, A., Gupta, R., & Geisler, M. (2018). Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 86(1), 77-89. doi:10.1007/s00239-018-9827-y
Fitzek, Elisabeth, Joardar, Archi, Gupta, Ramesh, and Geisler, Matt. 2018. “Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10”. Journal of Molecular Evolution 86 (1): 77-89.
Fitzek, E., Joardar, A., Gupta, R., and Geisler, M. (2018). Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10. Journal of Molecular Evolution 86, 77-89.
Fitzek, E., et al., 2018. Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 86(1), p 77-89.
E. Fitzek, et al., “Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10”, Journal of Molecular Evolution, vol. 86, 2018, pp. 77-89.
Fitzek, E., Joardar, A., Gupta, R., Geisler, M.: Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10. Journal of Molecular Evolution. 86, 77-89 (2018).
Fitzek, Elisabeth, Joardar, Archi, Gupta, Ramesh, and Geisler, Matt. “Evolution of Eukaryal and Archaeal Pseudouridine Synthase Pus10”. Journal of Molecular Evolution 86.1 (2018): 77-89.
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