Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress

Boeck C, Koenig AM, Schury K, Geiger ML, Karabatsiakis A, Wilker S, Waller C, Gündel H, Fegert JM, Calzia E, Kolassa I-T (2016)
Mitochondrion 30: 197-207.

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Boeck, Christina; Koenig, Alexandra Maria; Schury, Katharina; Geiger, Martha Leonie; Karabatsiakis, Alexander; Wilker, SarahUniBi; Waller, Christiane; Gündel, Harald; Fegert, Jörg Michael; Calzia, Enrico; Kolassa, Iris-Tatjana
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Boeck C, Koenig AM, Schury K, et al. Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress. Mitochondrion. 2016;30:197-207.
Boeck, C., Koenig, A. M., Schury, K., Geiger, M. L., Karabatsiakis, A., Wilker, S., Waller, C., et al. (2016). Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress. Mitochondrion, 30, 197-207. doi:10.1016/j.mito.2016.08.006
Boeck, Christina, Koenig, Alexandra Maria, Schury, Katharina, Geiger, Martha Leonie, Karabatsiakis, Alexander, Wilker, Sarah, Waller, Christiane, et al. 2016. “Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress”. Mitochondrion 30: 197-207.
Boeck, C., Koenig, A. M., Schury, K., Geiger, M. L., Karabatsiakis, A., Wilker, S., Waller, C., Gündel, H., Fegert, J. M., Calzia, E., et al. (2016). Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress. Mitochondrion 30, 197-207.
Boeck, C., et al., 2016. Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress. Mitochondrion, 30, p 197-207.
C. Boeck, et al., “Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress”, Mitochondrion, vol. 30, 2016, pp. 197-207.
Boeck, C., Koenig, A.M., Schury, K., Geiger, M.L., Karabatsiakis, A., Wilker, S., Waller, C., Gündel, H., Fegert, J.M., Calzia, E., Kolassa, I.-T.: Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress. Mitochondrion. 30, 197-207 (2016).
Boeck, Christina, Koenig, Alexandra Maria, Schury, Katharina, Geiger, Martha Leonie, Karabatsiakis, Alexander, Wilker, Sarah, Waller, Christiane, Gündel, Harald, Fegert, Jörg Michael, Calzia, Enrico, and Kolassa, Iris-Tatjana. “Inflammation in adult women with a history of child maltreatment: The involvement of mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress”. Mitochondrion 30 (2016): 197-207.

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