Photoreceptors Take Charge. Emerging Principles for Light Sensing

Kottke T, Xie A, Larsen DS, Hoff WD (2018)
Annual Review of Biophysics 47(1): 291-313.

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Kottke, TilmanUniBi ; Xie, Aihua; Larsen, Delmar S.; Hoff, Wouter D.
Abstract / Bemerkung
The first stage in biological signaling is based on changes in the functional state of a receptor protein triggered by interaction of the receptor with its ligand(s). The light-triggered nature of photoreceptors allows studies on the mechanism of such changes in receptor proteins using a wide range of biophysical methods and with superb time resolution. Here, we critically evaluate current understanding of proton and electron transfer in photosensory proteins and their involvement both in primary photochemistry and subsequent processes that lead to the formation of the signaling state. An insight emerging from multiple families of photoreceptors is that ultrafast primary photochemistry is followed by slower proton transfer steps that contribute to triggering large protein conformational changes during signaling state formation. We discuss themes and principles for light sensing shared by the six photoreceptor families: rhodopsins, phytochromes, photoactive yellow proteins, light-oxygen-voltage proteins, blue-light sensors using flavin, and cryptochromes.
chromophore; electrostatic epicenter; isomerization; proton-coupled electron transfer; proton transfer; signaling state
Annual Review of Biophysics
1936-122X, 1936-1238
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Kottke T, Xie A, Larsen DS, Hoff WD. Photoreceptors Take Charge. Emerging Principles for Light Sensing. Annual Review of Biophysics. 2018;47(1):291-313.
Kottke, T., Xie, A., Larsen, D. S., & Hoff, W. D. (2018). Photoreceptors Take Charge. Emerging Principles for Light Sensing. Annual Review of Biophysics, 47(1), 291-313. doi:10.1146/annurev-biophys-070317-033047
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Kottke, Tilman, Xie, Aihua, Larsen, Delmar S., and Hoff, Wouter D. “Photoreceptors Take Charge. Emerging Principles for Light Sensing”. Annual Review of Biophysics 47.1 (2018): 291-313.

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