ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer

Schlomann U, Koller G, Conrad C, Ferdous T, Golfi P, Garcia AM, Hofling S, Parsons M, Costa P, Soper R, Bossard M, et al. (2015)

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Schlomann, Uwe; Koller, Garrit; Conrad, Catharina; Ferdous, Taheera; Golfi, Panagiota; Garcia, Adolfo Molejon; Hofling, Sabrina; Parsons, Maddy; Costa, Patricia; Soper, Robin; Bossard, Maud; Hagemann, Thorsten
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Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) has a grim prognosis with <5% survivors after 5 years. High expression levels of ADAM8, a metalloprotease disintegrin, are correlated with poor clinical outcome. We show that ADAM8 expression is associated with increased migration and invasiveness of PDAC cells caused by activation of ERK1/2 and higher MMP activities. For biological function, ADAM8 requires multimerization and associates with beta 1 integrin on the cell surface. A peptidomimetic ADAM8 inhibitor, BK-1361, designed by structural modelling of the disintegrin domain, prevents ADAM8 multimerization. In PDAC cells, BK-1361 affects ADAM8 function leading to reduced invasiveness, and less ERK1/2 and MMP activation. BK-1361 application in mice decreased tumour burden and metastasis of implanted pancreatic tumour cells and provides improved metrics of clinical symptoms and survival in a Kras(G12D)-driven mouse model of PDAC. Thus, our data integrate ADAM8 in pancreatic cancer signalling and validate ADAM8 as a target for PDAC therapy.
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Schlomann U, Koller G, Conrad C, et al. ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 2015;6(1): 6175.
Schlomann, U., Koller, G., Conrad, C., Ferdous, T., Golfi, P., Garcia, A. M., Hofling, S., et al. (2015). ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 6(1), 6175. doi:10.1038/ncomms7175
Schlomann, Uwe, Koller, Garrit, Conrad, Catharina, Ferdous, Taheera, Golfi, Panagiota, Garcia, Adolfo Molejon, Hofling, Sabrina, et al. 2015. “ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer”. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6 (1): 6175.
Schlomann, U., Koller, G., Conrad, C., Ferdous, T., Golfi, P., Garcia, A. M., Hofling, S., Parsons, M., Costa, P., Soper, R., et al. (2015). ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6:6175.
Schlomann, U., et al., 2015. ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 6(1): 6175.
U. Schlomann, et al., “ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer”, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 6, 2015, : 6175.
Schlomann, U., Koller, G., Conrad, C., Ferdous, T., Golfi, P., Garcia, A.M., Hofling, S., Parsons, M., Costa, P., Soper, R., Bossard, M., Hagemann, T., Roshani, R., Sewald, N., Ketchem, R.R., Moss, M.L., Rasmussen, F.H., Miller, M.A., Lauffenburger, D.A., Tuveson, D.A., Nimsky, C., Bartsch, J.W.: ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 6, : 6175 (2015).
Schlomann, Uwe, Koller, Garrit, Conrad, Catharina, Ferdous, Taheera, Golfi, Panagiota, Garcia, Adolfo Molejon, Hofling, Sabrina, Parsons, Maddy, Costa, Patricia, Soper, Robin, Bossard, Maud, Hagemann, Thorsten, Roshani, Rozita, Sewald, Norbert, Ketchem, Randal R., Moss, Marcia L., Rasmussen, Fred H., Miller, Miles A., Lauffenburger, Douglas A., Tuveson, David A., Nimsky, Christopher, and Bartsch, Jorg W. “ADAM8 as a drug target in pancreatic cancer”. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6.1 (2015): 6175.

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