Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future

Razum O, Wenner J (2016)
Public Health Reviews 37(1): 4.

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Germany has experienced different forms of immigration for many decades. At the end of and after the Second World War, refugees, displaced persons and German resettlers constituted the largest immigrant group. In the 1950s, labor migration started, followed by family reunification. There has been a constant migration of refugees and asylum seekers reaching peaks in the early 1990s as well as today. Epidemiological research has increasingly considered the health, and the access to health care, of immigrants and people with migration background. In this narrative review we discuss the current knowledge on health of immigrants in Germany. The paper is based on a selective literature research with a focus on studies using representative data from the health reporting system. Our review shows that immigrants in Germany do not suffer from different diseases than non-immigrants, but they differ in their risk for certain diseases, in the resources to cope with theses risk and regarding access to treatment. We also identified the need for differentiation within the immigrant population, considering among others social and legal status, country of origin and duration of stay. Though most of the studies acknowledge the need for differentiation, the lack of data currently rules out analyses accounting for the existing diversity and thus a full understanding of health inequalities related to migration to Germany.
Migration; Germany; Europe; Access; Equity
Public Health Reviews
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Razum O, Wenner J. Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future. Public Health Reviews. 2016;37(1): 4.
Razum, O., & Wenner, J. (2016). Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future. Public Health Reviews, 37(1), 4. doi:10.1186/s40985-016-0019-2
Razum, O., and Wenner, J. (2016). Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future. Public Health Reviews 37:4.
Razum, O., & Wenner, J., 2016. Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future. Public Health Reviews, 37(1): 4.
O. Razum and J. Wenner, “Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future”, Public Health Reviews, vol. 37, 2016, : 4.
Razum, O., Wenner, J.: Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future. Public Health Reviews. 37, : 4 (2016).
Razum, Oliver, and Wenner, Judith. “Social and health epidemiology of immigrants in Germany: past, present and future”. Public Health Reviews 37.1 (2016): 4.

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