The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms

Schulze WX, Sanggaard KW, Kreuzer I, Knudsen AD, Bemm F, Thogersen IB, Bräutigam A, Thomsen LR, Schliesky S, Dyrlund TF, Escalante-Perez M, et al. (2012)
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11(11): 1306-1319.

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The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is one of the most well-known carnivorous plants because of its unique ability to capture small animals, usually insects or spiders, through a unique snap-trapping mechanism. The animals are subsequently killed and digested so that the plants can assimilate nutrients, as they grow in mineral-deficient soils. We deep sequenced the cDNA from Dionaea traps to obtain transcript libraries, which were used in the mass spectrometry-based identification of the proteins secreted during digestion. The identified proteins consisted of peroxidases, nucleases, phosphatases, phospholipases, a glucanase, chitinases, and proteolytic enzymes, including four cysteine proteases, two aspartic proteases, and a serine carboxypeptidase. The majority of the most abundant proteins were categorized as pathogenesis-related proteins, suggesting that the plant's digestive system evolved from defense-related processes. This in-depth characterization of a highly specialized secreted fluid from a carnivorous plant provides new information about the plant's prey digestion mechanism and the evolutionary processes driving its defense pathways and nutrient acquisition. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11: 10.1074/mcp.M112.021006, 1306-1319, 2012.
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics


Schulze WX, Sanggaard KW, Kreuzer I, et al. The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2012;11(11):1306-1319.
Schulze, W. X., Sanggaard, K. W., Kreuzer, I., Knudsen, A. D., Bemm, F., Thogersen, I. B., Bräutigam, A., et al. (2012). The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 11(11), 1306-1319. doi:10.1074/mcp.M112.021006
Schulze, W. X., Sanggaard, K. W., Kreuzer, I., Knudsen, A. D., Bemm, F., Thogersen, I. B., Bräutigam, A., Thomsen, L. R., Schliesky, S., Dyrlund, T. F., et al. (2012). The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11, 1306-1319.
Schulze, W.X., et al., 2012. The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 11(11), p 1306-1319.
W.X. Schulze, et al., “The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms”, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, vol. 11, 2012, pp. 1306-1319.
Schulze, W.X., Sanggaard, K.W., Kreuzer, I., Knudsen, A.D., Bemm, F., Thogersen, I.B., Bräutigam, A., Thomsen, L.R., Schliesky, S., Dyrlund, T.F., Escalante-Perez, M., Becker, D., Schultz, J., Karring, H., Weber, A., Hojrup, P., Hedrich, R., Enghild, J.J.: The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 11, 1306-1319 (2012).
Schulze, Waltraud X., Sanggaard, Kristian W., Kreuzer, Ines, Knudsen, Anders D., Bemm, Felix, Thogersen, Ida B., Bräutigam, Andrea, Thomsen, Line R., Schliesky, Simon, Dyrlund, Thomas F., Escalante-Perez, Maria, Becker, Dirk, Schultz, Joerg, Karring, Henrik, Weber, Andreas, Hojrup, Peter, Hedrich, Rainer, and Enghild, Jan J. “The Protein Composition of the Digestive Fluid from the Venus Flytrap Sheds Light on Prey Digestion Mechanisms”. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 11.11 (2012): 1306-1319.
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