The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria

Mallmann J, Heckmann D, Bräutigam A, Lercher MJ, Weber APM, Westhoff P, Gowik U (2014)
eLife 3: e02478.

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Mallmann, Julia; Heckmann, David; Bräutigam, AndreaUniBi ; Lercher, Martin J.; Weber, Andreas P. M.; Westhoff, Peter; Gowik, Udo
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C-4 photosynthesis represents a most remarkable case of convergent evolution of a complex trait, which includes the reprogramming of the expression patterns of thousands of genes. Anatomical, physiological, and phylogenetic analyses as well as computational modeling indicate that the establishment of a photorespiratory carbon pump (termed C-2 photosynthesis) is a prerequisite for the evolution of C-4. However, a mechanistic model explaining the tight connection between the evolution of C-4 and C-2 photosynthesis is currently lacking. Here we address this question through comparative transcriptomic and biochemical analyses of closely related C-3, C-3-C-4, and C-4 species, combined with Flux Balance Analysis constrained through a mechanistic model of carbon fixation. We show that C-2 photosynthesis creates a misbalance in nitrogen metabolism between bundle sheath and mesophyll cells. Rebalancing nitrogen metabolism requires an anaplerotic carbon cycle that resembles at least parts of a basic C-4 cycle. Our findings thus show how C-2 photosynthesis represents a pre-adaptation for the C-4 system, where the evolution of the C-2 system establishes important C-4 components as a side effect.
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Mallmann J, Heckmann D, Bräutigam A, et al. The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria. eLife. 2014;3: e02478.
Mallmann, J., Heckmann, D., Bräutigam, A., Lercher, M. J., Weber, A. P. M., Westhoff, P., & Gowik, U. (2014). The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria. eLife, 3, e02478. doi:10.7554/eLife.02478
Mallmann, J., Heckmann, D., Bräutigam, A., Lercher, M. J., Weber, A. P. M., Westhoff, P., and Gowik, U. (2014). The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria. eLife 3:e02478.
Mallmann, J., et al., 2014. The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria. eLife, 3: e02478.
J. Mallmann, et al., “The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria”, eLife, vol. 3, 2014, : e02478.
Mallmann, J., Heckmann, D., Bräutigam, A., Lercher, M.J., Weber, A.P.M., Westhoff, P., Gowik, U.: The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria. eLife. 3, : e02478 (2014).
Mallmann, Julia, Heckmann, David, Bräutigam, Andrea, Lercher, Martin J., Weber, Andreas P. M., Westhoff, Peter, and Gowik, Udo. “The role of photorespiration during the evolution of C-4 photosynthesis in the genus Flaveria”. eLife 3 (2014): e02478.
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