On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis

Bräutigam A, Schlueter U, Eisenhut M, Gowik U (2017)
Plant Physiology 174(2): 473-477.

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Plant Physiology


Bräutigam A, Schlueter U, Eisenhut M, Gowik U. On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis. Plant Physiology. 2017;174(2):473-477.
Bräutigam, A., Schlueter, U., Eisenhut, M., & Gowik, U. (2017). On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis. Plant Physiology, 174(2), 473-477. doi:10.1104/pp.17.00195
Bräutigam, A., Schlueter, U., Eisenhut, M., and Gowik, U. (2017). On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis. Plant Physiology 174, 473-477.
Bräutigam, A., et al., 2017. On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis. Plant Physiology, 174(2), p 473-477.
A. Bräutigam, et al., “On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis”, Plant Physiology, vol. 174, 2017, pp. 473-477.
Bräutigam, A., Schlueter, U., Eisenhut, M., Gowik, U.: On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis. Plant Physiology. 174, 473-477 (2017).
Bräutigam, Andrea, Schlueter, Urte, Eisenhut, Marion, and Gowik, Udo. “On the Evolutionary Origin of CAM Photosynthesis”. Plant Physiology 174.2 (2017): 473-477.
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