Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh

Gruebner O, Khan MH, Burkart K, Lautenbach S, Lakes T, Krämer A, Subramanian SV, Galea S (2017)
HEALTH & PLACE 47: 156-164.

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Gruebner, Oliver; Khan, Mobarak HossainUniBi; Burkart, Katrin; Lautenbach, Sven; Lakes, Tobia; Krämer, AlexanderUniBi ; Subramanian, S. V.; Galea, Sandro
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Reducing child mortality is a Sustainable Development Goal yet to be achieved by many low-income countries. We applied a subnational and spatial approach based on publicly available datasets and identified permanent insolvency, urbanicity, and malaria endemicity as factors associated with child mortality. We further detected spatial clusters in the east of Bangladesh and noted Sylhet and Jamalpur as those districts that need immediate attention to reduce child mortality. Our approach is transferable to other regions in comparable settings worldwide and may guide future studies to identify subnational regions in need for public health attention. Our study adds to our understanding where we may intervene to more effectively improve health, particularly among disadvantaged populations.
Spatial autocorrelation; Socio-ecological factors; Malaria; Urbanicity; Child mortality
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Gruebner O, Khan MH, Burkart K, et al. Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh. HEALTH & PLACE. 2017;47:156-164.
Gruebner, O., Khan, M. H., Burkart, K., Lautenbach, S., Lakes, T., Krämer, A., Subramanian, S. V., et al. (2017). Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh. HEALTH & PLACE, 47, 156-164. doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2017.08.012
Gruebner, O., Khan, M. H., Burkart, K., Lautenbach, S., Lakes, T., Krämer, A., Subramanian, S. V., and Galea, S. (2017). Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh. HEALTH & PLACE 47, 156-164.
Gruebner, O., et al., 2017. Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh. HEALTH & PLACE, 47, p 156-164.
O. Gruebner, et al., “Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh”, HEALTH & PLACE, vol. 47, 2017, pp. 156-164.
Gruebner, O., Khan, M.H., Burkart, K., Lautenbach, S., Lakes, T., Krämer, A., Subramanian, S.V., Galea, S.: Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh. HEALTH & PLACE. 47, 156-164 (2017).
Gruebner, Oliver, Khan, Mobarak Hossain, Burkart, Katrin, Lautenbach, Sven, Lakes, Tobia, Krämer, Alexander, Subramanian, S. V., and Galea, Sandro. “Spatial variations and determinants of infant and under-five mortality in Bangladesh”. HEALTH & PLACE 47 (2017): 156-164.

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