A voice region in the monkey brain

Petkov CI, Kayser C, Steudel T, Whittingstall K, Augath M, Logothetis NK (2008)
Nat Neurosci 11(3): 367-74.

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Petkov, C. I.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Steudel, T.; Whittingstall, K.; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N. K.
Acoustic Stimulation Animals Auditory Cortex/ anatomy & histology/ physiology Auditory Pathways/physiology Auditory Perception/ physiology Brain Mapping Functional Laterality/physiology Macaca mulatta/ anatomy & histology/ physiology Magnetic Resonance Imaging Male Models; Animal Recognition (Psychology)/physiology Social Behavior Species Specificity Vocalization; Animal/ physiology
Nat Neurosci
1097-6256 (Print) 1097-6256 (Linking)
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