Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex

Petkov CI, Kayser C, Augath M, Logothetis NK (2006)
PLoS Biol 4(7): e215.

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Petkov, C. I.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Augath, M.; Logothetis, N. K.
Animals Auditory Cortex/ physiology Brain Mapping Macaca mulatta/ physiology/psychology Magnetic Resonance Imaging Male
PLoS Biol
1545-7885 (Electronic) 1544-9173 (Linking)
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Petkov CI, Kayser C, Augath M, Logothetis NK. Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex. PLoS Biol. 2006;4(7): e215.
Petkov, C. I., Kayser, C., Augath, M., & Logothetis, N. K. (2006). Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex. PLoS Biol, 4(7), e215. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0040215
Petkov, C. I., Kayser, Christoph, Augath, M., and Logothetis, N. K. 2006. “Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex”. PLoS Biol 4 (7): e215.
Petkov, C. I., Kayser, C., Augath, M., and Logothetis, N. K. (2006). Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex. PLoS Biol 4:e215.
Petkov, C.I., et al., 2006. Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex. PLoS Biol, 4(7): e215.
C.I. Petkov, et al., “Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex”, PLoS Biol, vol. 4, 2006, : e215.
Petkov, C.I., Kayser, C., Augath, M., Logothetis, N.K.: Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex. PLoS Biol. 4, : e215 (2006).
Petkov, C. I., Kayser, Christoph, Augath, M., and Logothetis, N. K. “Functional imaging reveals numerous fields in the monkey auditory cortex”. PLoS Biol 4.7 (2006): e215.

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