Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals

Perrodin C, Kayser C, Abel TJ, Logothetis NK, Petkov CI (2015)
Trends Cogn Sci 19(12): 783-96.

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Perrodin, C.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Abel, T. J.; Logothetis, N. K.; Petkov, C. I.
Acoustic Stimulation Animals Auditory Perception Brain/ physiology Brain Mapping Functional Laterality Humans Models; Neurological Neural Pathways/ physiology Photic Stimulation
Trends Cogn Sci
1879-307X (Electronic) 1364-6613 (Linking)
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Perrodin C, Kayser C, Abel TJ, Logothetis NK, Petkov CI. Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals. Trends Cogn Sci. 2015;19(12):783-96.
Perrodin, C., Kayser, C., Abel, T. J., Logothetis, N. K., & Petkov, C. I. (2015). Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals. Trends Cogn Sci, 19(12), 783-96. doi:10.1016/j.tics.2015.09.002
Perrodin, C., Kayser, Christoph, Abel, T. J., Logothetis, N. K., and Petkov, C. I. 2015. “Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals”. Trends Cogn Sci 19 (12): 783-96.
Perrodin, C., Kayser, C., Abel, T. J., Logothetis, N. K., and Petkov, C. I. (2015). Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals. Trends Cogn Sci 19, 783-96.
Perrodin, C., et al., 2015. Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals. Trends Cogn Sci, 19(12), p 783-96.
C. Perrodin, et al., “Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals”, Trends Cogn Sci, vol. 19, 2015, pp. 783-96.
Perrodin, C., Kayser, C., Abel, T.J., Logothetis, N.K., Petkov, C.I.: Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals. Trends Cogn Sci. 19, 783-96 (2015).
Perrodin, C., Kayser, Christoph, Abel, T. J., Logothetis, N. K., and Petkov, C. I. “Who is That? Brain Networks and Mechanisms for Identifying Individuals”. Trends Cogn Sci 19.12 (2015): 783-96.
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