Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility

Park H, Kayser C, Thut G, Gross J (2016)
Elife 5: Online-Ressource.

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Park, H.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Thut, G.; Gross, J.
2050-084X (Electronic) 2050-084X (Linking)
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Park H, Kayser C, Thut G, Gross J. Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility. Elife. 2016;5:Online-Ressource.
Park, H., Kayser, C., Thut, G., & Gross, J. (2016). Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility. Elife, 5, Online-Ressource. doi:10.7554/eLife.14521
Park, H., Kayser, Christoph, Thut, G., and Gross, J. 2016. “Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility”. Elife 5: Online-Ressource.
Park, H., Kayser, C., Thut, G., and Gross, J. (2016). Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility. Elife 5, Online-Ressource.
Park, H., et al., 2016. Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility. Elife, 5, p Online-Ressource.
H. Park, et al., “Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility”, Elife, vol. 5, 2016, pp. Online-Ressource.
Park, H., Kayser, C., Thut, G., Gross, J.: Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility. Elife. 5, Online-Ressource (2016).
Park, H., Kayser, Christoph, Thut, G., and Gross, J. “Lip movements entrain the observers' low-frequency brain oscillations to facilitate speech intelligibility”. Elife 5 (2016): Online-Ressource.
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