EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing

Ng BSW, Logothetis NK, Kayser C (2013)
Cerebral Cortex 23(2): 389-398.

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Ng, Benedict Shien Wei; Logothetis, Nikos K.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi
Cerebral Cortex
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Ng BSW, Logothetis NK, Kayser C. EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing. Cerebral Cortex. 2013;23(2):389-398.
Ng, B. S. W., Logothetis, N. K., & Kayser, C. (2013). EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing. Cerebral Cortex, 23(2), 389-398. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhs031
Ng, Benedict Shien Wei, Logothetis, Nikos K., and Kayser, Christoph. 2013. “EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing”. Cerebral Cortex 23 (2): 389-398.
Ng, B. S. W., Logothetis, N. K., and Kayser, C. (2013). EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing. Cerebral Cortex 23, 389-398.
Ng, B.S.W., Logothetis, N.K., & Kayser, C., 2013. EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing. Cerebral Cortex, 23(2), p 389-398.
B.S.W. Ng, N.K. Logothetis, and C. Kayser, “EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing”, Cerebral Cortex, vol. 23, 2013, pp. 389-398.
Ng, B.S.W., Logothetis, N.K., Kayser, C.: EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing. Cerebral Cortex. 23, 389-398 (2013).
Ng, Benedict Shien Wei, Logothetis, Nikos K., and Kayser, Christoph. “EEG Phase Patterns Reflect the Selectivity of Neural Firing”. Cerebral Cortex 23.2 (2013): 389-398.

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