In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation

Logothetis NK, Kayser C, Oeltermann A (2007)
Neuron 55(5): 809-23.

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Logothetis, N. K.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Oeltermann, A.
Action Potentials/ physiology Animals Axons/physiology Electric Impedance Electrophysiology/methods Evoked Potentials/ physiology Haplorhini/anatomy & histology/ physiology Models; Neurological Nerve Fibers; Myelinated/physiology Neural Conduction/physiology Neural Pathways/ physiology Neurons/ physiology Neuropil/physiology Signal Processing; Computer-Assisted Synaptic Transmission/physiology Visual Cortex/anatomy & histology/ physiology
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Logothetis NK, Kayser C, Oeltermann A. In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation. Neuron. 2007;55(5):809-23.
Logothetis, N. K., Kayser, C., & Oeltermann, A. (2007). In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation. Neuron, 55(5), 809-23. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2007.07.027
Logothetis, N. K., Kayser, Christoph, and Oeltermann, A. 2007. “In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation”. Neuron 55 (5): 809-23.
Logothetis, N. K., Kayser, C., and Oeltermann, A. (2007). In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation. Neuron 55, 809-23.
Logothetis, N.K., Kayser, C., & Oeltermann, A., 2007. In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation. Neuron, 55(5), p 809-23.
N.K. Logothetis, C. Kayser, and A. Oeltermann, “In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation”, Neuron, vol. 55, 2007, pp. 809-23.
Logothetis, N.K., Kayser, C., Oeltermann, A.: In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation. Neuron. 55, 809-23 (2007).
Logothetis, N. K., Kayser, Christoph, and Oeltermann, A. “In vivo measurement of cortical impedance spectrum in monkeys: implications for signal propagation”. Neuron 55.5 (2007): 809-23.

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