Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks

Keitel A, Ince RA, Gross J, Kayser C (2017)
Neuroimage 147: 32-42.

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Keitel, A.; Ince, R. A.; Gross, J.; Kayser, ChristophUniBi
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Keitel A, Ince RA, Gross J, Kayser C. Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks. Neuroimage. 2017;147:32-42.
Keitel, A., Ince, R. A., Gross, J., & Kayser, C. (2017). Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks. Neuroimage, 147, 32-42. doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.11.062
Keitel, A., Ince, R. A., Gross, J., and Kayser, Christoph. 2017. “Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks”. Neuroimage 147: 32-42.
Keitel, A., Ince, R. A., Gross, J., and Kayser, C. (2017). Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks. Neuroimage 147, 32-42.
Keitel, A., et al., 2017. Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks. Neuroimage, 147, p 32-42.
A. Keitel, et al., “Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks”, Neuroimage, vol. 147, 2017, pp. 32-42.
Keitel, A., Ince, R.A., Gross, J., Kayser, C.: Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks. Neuroimage. 147, 32-42 (2017).
Keitel, A., Ince, R. A., Gross, J., and Kayser, Christoph. “Auditory cortical delta-entrainment interacts with oscillatory power in multiple fronto-parietal networks”. Neuroimage 147 (2017): 32-42.
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