Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing

Kayser C, Wilson C, Safaai H, Sakata S, Panzeri S (2015)
J Neurosci 35(20): 7750-62.

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Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Wilson, C.; Safaai, H.; Sakata, S.; Panzeri, S.
Animals Auditory Cortex/ physiology Auditory Perception Delta Rhythm Male Models; Neurological Rats Rats; Sprague-Dawley
J Neurosci
1529-2401 (Electronic) 0270-6474 (Linking)
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Kayser C, Wilson C, Safaai H, Sakata S, Panzeri S. Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing. J Neurosci. 2015;35(20):7750-62.
Kayser, C., Wilson, C., Safaai, H., Sakata, S., & Panzeri, S. (2015). Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing. J Neurosci, 35(20), 7750-62. doi:10.1523/jneurosci.0268-15.2015
Kayser, Christoph, Wilson, C., Safaai, H., Sakata, S., and Panzeri, S. 2015. “Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing”. J Neurosci 35 (20): 7750-62.
Kayser, C., Wilson, C., Safaai, H., Sakata, S., and Panzeri, S. (2015). Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing. J Neurosci 35, 7750-62.
Kayser, C., et al., 2015. Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing. J Neurosci, 35(20), p 7750-62.
C. Kayser, et al., “Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing”, J Neurosci, vol. 35, 2015, pp. 7750-62.
Kayser, C., Wilson, C., Safaai, H., Sakata, S., Panzeri, S.: Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing. J Neurosci. 35, 7750-62 (2015).
Kayser, Christoph, Wilson, C., Safaai, H., Sakata, S., and Panzeri, S. “Rhythmic auditory cortex activity at multiple timescales shapes stimulus-response gain and background firing”. J Neurosci 35.20 (2015): 7750-62.
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