Multisensory causal inference in the brain

Kayser C, Shams L (2015)
PLoS Biol 13(2): e1002075.

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PLoS Biol
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Kayser C, Shams L. Multisensory causal inference in the brain. PLoS Biol. 2015;13(2): e1002075.
Kayser, C., & Shams, L. (2015). Multisensory causal inference in the brain. PLoS Biol, 13(2), e1002075. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002075
Kayser, Christoph, and Shams, L. 2015. “Multisensory causal inference in the brain”. PLoS Biol 13 (2): e1002075.
Kayser, C., and Shams, L. (2015). Multisensory causal inference in the brain. PLoS Biol 13:e1002075.
Kayser, C., & Shams, L., 2015. Multisensory causal inference in the brain. PLoS Biol, 13(2): e1002075.
C. Kayser and L. Shams, “Multisensory causal inference in the brain”, PLoS Biol, vol. 13, 2015, : e1002075.
Kayser, C., Shams, L.: Multisensory causal inference in the brain. PLoS Biol. 13, : e1002075 (2015).
Kayser, Christoph, and Shams, L. “Multisensory causal inference in the brain”. PLoS Biol 13.2 (2015): e1002075.
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