Responses to natural scenes in cat V1

Kayser C, Salazar RF, Konig P (2003)
J Neurophysiol 90(3): 1910-20.

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Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Salazar, R. F.; Konig, P.
Action Potentials/ physiology Animals Cats Female Photic Stimulation/ methods Visual Cortex/ physiology
J Neurophysiol
0022-3077 (Print) 0022-3077 (Linking)
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Kayser C, Salazar RF, Konig P. Responses to natural scenes in cat V1. J Neurophysiol. 2003;90(3):1910-20.
Kayser, C., Salazar, R. F., & Konig, P. (2003). Responses to natural scenes in cat V1. J Neurophysiol, 90(3), 1910-20. doi:10.1152/jn.00195.2003
Kayser, Christoph, Salazar, R. F., and Konig, P. 2003. “Responses to natural scenes in cat V1”. J Neurophysiol 90 (3): 1910-20.
Kayser, C., Salazar, R. F., and Konig, P. (2003). Responses to natural scenes in cat V1. J Neurophysiol 90, 1910-20.
Kayser, C., Salazar, R.F., & Konig, P., 2003. Responses to natural scenes in cat V1. J Neurophysiol, 90(3), p 1910-20.
C. Kayser, R.F. Salazar, and P. Konig, “Responses to natural scenes in cat V1”, J Neurophysiol, vol. 90, 2003, pp. 1910-20.
Kayser, C., Salazar, R.F., Konig, P.: Responses to natural scenes in cat V1. J Neurophysiol. 90, 1910-20 (2003).
Kayser, Christoph, Salazar, R. F., and Konig, P. “Responses to natural scenes in cat V1”. J Neurophysiol 90.3 (2003): 1910-20.

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