A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli

Kayser C, Kim M, Ugurbil K, Kim DS, Konig P (2004)
Cereb Cortex 14(8): 881-91.

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Kayser, ChristophUniBi ; Kim, M.; Ugurbil, K.; Kim, D. S.; Konig, P.
Animals Brain Mapping/methods Cats Cerebrovascular Circulation/physiology Electroencephalography/ methods Evoked Potentials; Visual/ physiology Magnetic Resonance Imaging/ methods Neurons/ physiology Photic Stimulation/ methods Visual Cortex/ blood supply/ physiology
Cereb Cortex
1047-3211 (Print) 1047-3211 (Linking)
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Kayser C, Kim M, Ugurbil K, Kim DS, Konig P. A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli. Cereb Cortex. 2004;14(8):881-91.
Kayser, C., Kim, M., Ugurbil, K., Kim, D. S., & Konig, P. (2004). A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli. Cereb Cortex, 14(8), 881-91. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhh047
Kayser, C., Kim, M., Ugurbil, K., Kim, D. S., and Konig, P. (2004). A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli. Cereb Cortex 14, 881-91.
Kayser, C., et al., 2004. A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli. Cereb Cortex, 14(8), p 881-91.
C. Kayser, et al., “A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli”, Cereb Cortex, vol. 14, 2004, pp. 881-91.
Kayser, C., Kim, M., Ugurbil, K., Kim, D.S., Konig, P.: A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli. Cereb Cortex. 14, 881-91 (2004).
Kayser, Christoph, Kim, M., Ugurbil, K., Kim, D. S., and Konig, P. “A comparison of hemodynamic and neural responses in cat visual cortex using complex stimuli”. Cereb Cortex 14.8 (2004): 881-91.

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