Texture signals in whisker vibrations

Hipp J, Arabzadeh E, Zorzin E, Conradt J, Kayser C, Diamond ME, Konig P (2006)
J Neurophysiol 95(3): 1792-9.

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J Neurophysiol


Hipp J, Arabzadeh E, Zorzin E, et al. Texture signals in whisker vibrations. J Neurophysiol. 2006;95(3):1792-9.
Hipp, J., Arabzadeh, E., Zorzin, E., Conradt, J., Kayser, C., Diamond, M. E., & Konig, P. (2006). Texture signals in whisker vibrations. J Neurophysiol, 95(3), 1792-9. doi:10.1152/jn.01104.2005
Hipp, J., Arabzadeh, E., Zorzin, E., Conradt, J., Kayser, C., Diamond, M. E., and Konig, P. (2006). Texture signals in whisker vibrations. J Neurophysiol 95, 1792-9.
Hipp, J., et al., 2006. Texture signals in whisker vibrations. J Neurophysiol, 95(3), p 1792-9.
J. Hipp, et al., “Texture signals in whisker vibrations”, J Neurophysiol, vol. 95, 2006, pp. 1792-9.
Hipp, J., Arabzadeh, E., Zorzin, E., Conradt, J., Kayser, C., Diamond, M.E., Konig, P.: Texture signals in whisker vibrations. J Neurophysiol. 95, 1792-9 (2006).
Hipp, J., Arabzadeh, E., Zorzin, E., Conradt, J., Kayser, Christoph, Diamond, M. E., and Konig, P. “Texture signals in whisker vibrations”. J Neurophysiol 95.3 (2006): 1792-9.

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