Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat

Gleiss S, Kayser C (2012)
PLoS One 7(9): e45677.

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Acoustic Stimulation Animals Hearing Learning Male Photic Stimulation Psychophysics Rats Rats; Long-Evans Reaction Time Task Performance and Analysis Vision; Ocular
PLoS One
1932-6203 (Electronic) 1932-6203 (Linking)
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Gleiss S, Kayser C. Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat. PLoS One. 2012;7(9): e45677.
Gleiss, S., & Kayser, C. (2012). Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat. PLoS One, 7(9), e45677. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045677
Gleiss, S., and Kayser, Christoph. 2012. “Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat”. PLoS One 7 (9): e45677.
Gleiss, S., and Kayser, C. (2012). Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat. PLoS One 7:e45677.
Gleiss, S., & Kayser, C., 2012. Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat. PLoS One, 7(9): e45677.
S. Gleiss and C. Kayser, “Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat”, PLoS One, vol. 7, 2012, : e45677.
Gleiss, S., Kayser, C.: Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat. PLoS One. 7, : e45677 (2012).
Gleiss, S., and Kayser, Christoph. “Audio-visual detection benefits in the rat”. PLoS One 7.9 (2012): e45677.

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