Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks

Rahe P, Kittelmann M, Neff JL, Nimmrich M, Reichling M, Maass P, Kühnle A (2013)
Advances Materials 25(29): 3948-3956.

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Rahe, Philipp; Kittelmann, Markus; Neff, Julia L.; Nimmrich, Markus; Reichling, Michael; Maass, Philipp; Kühnle, AngelikaUniBi
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Molecular self-assembly constitutes a versatile strategy for creating functional structures on surfaces. Tuning the subtle balance between intermolecular and molecule-surface interactions allows structure formation to be tailored at the single-molecule level. While metal surfaces usually exhibit interaction strengths in an energy range that favors molecular self-assembly, dielectric surfaces having low surface energies often lack sufficient interactions with adsorbed molecules. As a consequence, application-relevant, bulk insulating materials pose significant challenges when considering them as supporting substrates for molecular self-assembly. Here, the current status of molecular self-assembly on surfaces of wide-bandgap dielectric crystals, investigated under ultrahigh vacuum conditions at room temperature, is reviewed. To address the major issues currently limiting the applicability of molecular self-assembly principles in the case of dielectric surfaces, a systematic discussion of general strategies is provided for anchoring organic molecules to bulk insulating materials.
self-assembly; molecule-surface interactions; non-contact atomic force; microscopy; molecular adsorption; insulating surfaces
Advances Materials
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Rahe P, Kittelmann M, Neff JL, et al. Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks. Advances Materials. 2013;25(29):3948-3956.
Rahe, P., Kittelmann, M., Neff, J. L., Nimmrich, M., Reichling, M., Maass, P., & Kühnle, A. (2013). Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks. Advances Materials, 25(29), 3948-3956. doi:10.1002/adma.201300604
Rahe, P., Kittelmann, M., Neff, J. L., Nimmrich, M., Reichling, M., Maass, P., and Kühnle, A. (2013). Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks. Advances Materials 25, 3948-3956.
Rahe, P., et al., 2013. Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks. Advances Materials, 25(29), p 3948-3956.
P. Rahe, et al., “Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks”, Advances Materials, vol. 25, 2013, pp. 3948-3956.
Rahe, P., Kittelmann, M., Neff, J.L., Nimmrich, M., Reichling, M., Maass, P., Kühnle, A.: Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks. Advances Materials. 25, 3948-3956 (2013).
Rahe, Philipp, Kittelmann, Markus, Neff, Julia L., Nimmrich, Markus, Reichling, Michael, Maass, Philipp, and Kühnle, Angelika. “Tuning Molecular Self-Assembly on Bulk Insulator Surfaces by Anchoring of the Organic Building Blocks”. Advances Materials 25.29 (2013): 3948-3956.
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