On-Surface Reactions

Lindner R, Kühnle A (2015)
ChemPhysChem 16: 1582.

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Lindner, Robert; Kühnle, AngelikaUniBi
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On-surface synthesis constitutes a rapidly growing field of research due to its promising application for creating stable molecular structures on surfaces. While self-assembled structures rely on reversible interactions, on-surface synthesis provides the potential for creating long-term stable structures with well-controlled properties, for example superior electron transport for future molecular electronic devices. On-surface synthesis holds the promise for preparing insoluble compounds that cannot be produced in solution. Another highly exciting aspect of on-surface synthesis is the chance to discover new reaction pathways due to the two-dimensional confinement of the reaction educts. In this review, we discuss the current state-of-the-art and classify the reactions that have been successfully performed so far. Special emphasis is put on electrically insulating surfaces, as these substrates pose particular challenges for on-surface synthesis while at the same time bearing high potential for future use, for example, in molecular electronics.
molecular electronics; molecular structure formation; scanning probe; microscopy; two-dimensional confinement; ultrahigh vacuum
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Lindner R, Kühnle A. On-Surface Reactions. ChemPhysChem. 2015;16:1582.
Lindner, R., & Kühnle, A. (2015). On-Surface Reactions. ChemPhysChem, 16, 1582. https://doi.org/10.1002/cphc.201500161
Lindner, Robert, and Kühnle, Angelika. 2015. “On-Surface Reactions”. ChemPhysChem 16: 1582.
Lindner, R., and Kühnle, A. (2015). On-Surface Reactions. ChemPhysChem 16, 1582.
Lindner, R., & Kühnle, A., 2015. On-Surface Reactions. ChemPhysChem, 16, p 1582.
R. Lindner and A. Kühnle, “On-Surface Reactions”, ChemPhysChem, vol. 16, 2015, pp. 1582.
Lindner, R., Kühnle, A.: On-Surface Reactions. ChemPhysChem. 16, 1582 (2015).
Lindner, Robert, and Kühnle, Angelika. “On-Surface Reactions”. ChemPhysChem 16 (2015): 1582.
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