An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle

Zou Y, Wenzel S, Müller N, Prager K, Jung E-M, Kothe E, Kottke T, Mittag M (2017)
Plant Physiology 174(3): 1334-1347.

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Zou, Yong; Wenzel, Sandra; Müller, Nico; Prager, Katja; Jung, Elke-Martina; Kothe, Erika; Kottke, TilmanUniBi ; Mittag, Maria
Plant Physiology
0032-0889, 1532-2548
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Zou Y, Wenzel S, Müller N, et al. An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle. Plant Physiology. 2017;174(3):1334-1347.
Zou, Y., Wenzel, S., Müller, N., Prager, K., Jung, E. - M., Kothe, E., Kottke, T., et al. (2017). An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle. Plant Physiology, 174(3), 1334-1347. doi:10.1104/pp.17.00493
Zou, Yong, Wenzel, Sandra, Müller, Nico, Prager, Katja, Jung, Elke-Martina, Kothe, Erika, Kottke, Tilman, and Mittag, Maria. 2017. “An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle”. Plant Physiology 174 (3): 1334-1347.
Zou, Y., Wenzel, S., Müller, N., Prager, K., Jung, E. - M., Kothe, E., Kottke, T., and Mittag, M. (2017). An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle. Plant Physiology 174, 1334-1347.
Zou, Y., et al., 2017. An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle. Plant Physiology, 174(3), p 1334-1347.
Y. Zou, et al., “An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle”, Plant Physiology, vol. 174, 2017, pp. 1334-1347.
Zou, Y., Wenzel, S., Müller, N., Prager, K., Jung, E.-M., Kothe, E., Kottke, T., Mittag, M.: An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle. Plant Physiology. 174, 1334-1347 (2017).
Zou, Yong, Wenzel, Sandra, Müller, Nico, Prager, Katja, Jung, Elke-Martina, Kothe, Erika, Kottke, Tilman, and Mittag, Maria. “An Animal-Like Cryptochrome Controls the Chlamydomonas Sexual Cycle”. Plant Physiology 174.3 (2017): 1334-1347.

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