DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review

Viefhues M, Eichhorn R (2017)
ELECTROPHORESIS 38(11: SI): 1483-1506.

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Viefhues, MartinaUniBi ; Eichhorn, Ralf
11: SI
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Viefhues M, Eichhorn R. DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review. ELECTROPHORESIS. 2017;38(11: SI):1483-1506.
Viefhues, M., & Eichhorn, R. (2017). DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review. ELECTROPHORESIS, 38(11: SI), 1483-1506. doi:10.1002/elps.201600482
Viefhues, Martina, and Eichhorn, Ralf. 2017. “DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review”. ELECTROPHORESIS 38 (11: SI): 1483-1506.
Viefhues, M., and Eichhorn, R. (2017). DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review. ELECTROPHORESIS 38, 1483-1506.
Viefhues, M., & Eichhorn, R., 2017. DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review. ELECTROPHORESIS, 38(11: SI), p 1483-1506.
M. Viefhues and R. Eichhorn, “DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review”, ELECTROPHORESIS, vol. 38, 2017, pp. 1483-1506.
Viefhues, M., Eichhorn, R.: DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review. ELECTROPHORESIS. 38, 1483-1506 (2017).
Viefhues, Martina, and Eichhorn, Ralf. “DNA dielectrophoresis: Theory and applications a review”. ELECTROPHORESIS 38.11: SI (2017): 1483-1506.

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