Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship)

Ye Z, Habets B, Jansma B, Münte T (2011)
journal of cognitive neuroscience 23(11): 3694-702.

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Ye, Zheng; Habets, BoukjeUniBi; Jansma, Bernadette; Münte, Thomas
journal of cognitive neuroscience
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Ye Z, Habets B, Jansma B, Münte T. Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship). journal of cognitive neuroscience. 2011;23(11):3694-702.
Ye, Z., Habets, B., Jansma, B., & Münte, T. (2011). Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship). journal of cognitive neuroscience, 23(11), 3694-702. doi:10.1162/jocn_a_00037
Ye, Zheng, Habets, Boukje, Jansma, Bernadette, and Münte, Thomas. 2011. “Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship)”. journal of cognitive neuroscience 23 (11): 3694-702.
Ye, Z., Habets, B., Jansma, B., and Münte, T. (2011). Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship). journal of cognitive neuroscience 23, 3694-702.
Ye, Z., et al., 2011. Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship). journal of cognitive neuroscience, 23(11), p 3694-702.
Z. Ye, et al., “Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship)”, journal of cognitive neuroscience, vol. 23, 2011, pp. 3694-702.
Ye, Z., Habets, B., Jansma, B., Münte, T.: Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship). journal of cognitive neuroscience. 23, 3694-702 (2011).
Ye, Zheng, Habets, Boukje, Jansma, Bernadette, and Münte, Thomas. “Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production (shared first authorship)”. journal of cognitive neuroscience 23.11 (2011): 3694-702.

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