Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing.

Wascher E, Heppner H, Möckel T, Kobald SO, Getzmann S (2015)
EXCLI J 14: 1207-1218.

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Wascher, E; Heppner, H; Möckel, T; Kobald, SO; Getzmann, S
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Wascher E, Heppner H, Möckel T, Kobald SO, Getzmann S. Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing. EXCLI J. 2015;14:1207-1218.
Wascher, E., Heppner, H., Möckel, T., Kobald, S. O., & Getzmann, S. (2015). Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing. EXCLI J, 14, 1207-1218. doi:10.17179/excli2015-696
Wascher, E., Heppner, H., Möckel, T., Kobald, S. O., and Getzmann, S. (2015). Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing. EXCLI J 14, 1207-1218.
Wascher, E., et al., 2015. Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing. EXCLI J, 14, p 1207-1218.
E. Wascher, et al., “Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing.”, EXCLI J, vol. 14, 2015, pp. 1207-1218.
Wascher, E., Heppner, H., Möckel, T., Kobald, S.O., Getzmann, S.: Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing. EXCLI J. 14, 1207-1218 (2015).
Wascher, E, Heppner, H, Möckel, T, Kobald, SO, and Getzmann, S. “Eye-blinks in choice response tasks uncover hidden aspects of information processing.”. EXCLI J 14 (2015): 1207-1218.

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