Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development

Pagel B, Heed T, Röder B (2009)
Developmental Science 12(6): 929-937.

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Pagel, Birthe; Heed, TobiasUniBi ; Röder, Brigitte
Developmental Science
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Pagel B, Heed T, Röder B. Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development. Developmental Science. 2009;12(6):929-937.
Pagel, B., Heed, T., & Röder, B. (2009). Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development. Developmental Science, 12(6), 929-937. doi:10.1111/j.1467-7687.2009.00845.x
Pagel, B., Heed, T., and Röder, B. (2009). Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development. Developmental Science 12, 929-937.
Pagel, B., Heed, T., & Röder, B., 2009. Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development. Developmental Science, 12(6), p 929-937.
B. Pagel, T. Heed, and B. Röder, “Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development”, Developmental Science, vol. 12, 2009, pp. 929-937.
Pagel, B., Heed, T., Röder, B.: Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development. Developmental Science. 12, 929-937 (2009).
Pagel, Birthe, Heed, Tobias, and Röder, Brigitte. “Change of reference frame for tactile localization during child development”. Developmental Science 12.6 (2009): 929-937.
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