EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing

Schaller F, Weiss S, Müller HM (2017)
Brain and Language 168: 95-105.

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Schaller F, Weiss S, Müller HM. EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing. Brain and Language. 2017;168:95-105.
Schaller, F., Weiss, S., & Müller, H. M. (2017). EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing. Brain and Language, 168, 95-105. doi:10.1016/j.bandl.2017.01.010
Schaller, F., Weiss, S., and Müller, H. M. (2017). EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing. Brain and Language 168, 95-105.
Schaller, F., Weiss, S., & Müller, H.M., 2017. EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing. Brain and Language, 168, p 95-105.
F. Schaller, S. Weiss, and H.M. Müller, “EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing”, Brain and Language, vol. 168, 2017, pp. 95-105.
Schaller, F., Weiss, S., Müller, H.M.: EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing. Brain and Language. 168, 95-105 (2017).
Schaller, Franziska, Weiss, Sabine, and Müller, Horst M. “EEG beta-power changes reflect motor involvement in abstract action language processing”. Brain and Language 168 (2017): 95-105.
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